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About Lu-ji

The Author that you once read about no longer exists In-Form but now exists eternally In-Spirit……and has changed into less of an idea… now known as Lu-ji ….the rest you think you know or remember is just a story about what appeared to be an unusual boy who brought about a change in the mind within Mind. Remember this instead of wondering any further……Nothing real can be threatened….and Nothing unreal exists…..herein is the Peace of God.
But since your mind has a need to know more….

Just an Idea About Lu-ji



Lu-ji says the following about himself; “Lu-ji” is all that remains of the old self. Now but a whisper, less of an IDea, more spirit than man, my vessel now filled with the Holy-Spirit, the Voice for God, and I go where God wills me to. I no longer make any plans. I now simply let go and let God.

Lu-ji’s Early Years

Lu-ji was born a mystic and questioned everything from the day he could walk and talk. As a young boy, Lu-ji often conversed with the Christ and believed (regardless of what others tried to teach him) that there was more to the world than meets the eye. At the age of nine, Lu-ji had an encounter with a “Holy-Spirit-Messenger” named Urial. Urial guided Lu-ji until his early forties and then left Lu’s awareness so that he could empty his cup, raise his awareness even higher and find the Voice for God. On the 10th November 2011, Lu-ji experienced thirty days of Divine Revelations and in those thirty days he read the whole text of A Course in Miracles. The next day he started teaching as if he had done so his whole life.

Lu-ji’s 1st Holy Instant; A Course in Miracles

As he opened the A Course in Miracles, Lu-ji experienced a profound sense of love overwhelmed him. He barely slept for a month as this love-energy engulfed him. As Lu read ACIM, he experienced a radical shift in consciousness so profound that outwardly, he seemed, to many who knew him, to be an entirely different person. As Lu’s spiritual consciousness awakened, a deep inner transformation began which unfolded in the form of many miraculous experiences and mystical insights.

Thereafter Lu-ji felt a strong desire to dedicate the remainder of his life to sharing “The Course” with whoever came his way looking for answers. Lu-ji also simultaneously felt a strong urge to give-away all his possessions and to move to a monastery, but, just as he started to do so, Lu-ji had another Holy Instant vision. In Lu-ji’s Holy Instant vision, the Voice for God showed him that he needed to go nowhere and give up nothing, and, that He “had” and “was” exactly what God willed for him on his journey back home to God. The Voice told him that the most important thing he should never give up was the idea of ever giving up. Lu-ji then experienced a Holy revelation; Lu-ji was to teach ACIM in the darkest corners of the dream – a vision revealed that he was to teach ACIM in the business world by leading others through his actions and not just by “teaching”.

Lu-ji has since then dedicated his life and voice to the Voice for God in the dream of illusions. Lu-ji works as Teacher for God “disguised” as business coach and leader.  Lu-ji helps all he meets in the “business world” develop a deeper sense of self-awareness. This inner transformation brings about a realisation that the world is but a dreamt-up reflection of our inner world, and that when we awaken our spiritual awareness, we begin our journey inwards back to Christ Consciousness, and the Atonement with God.

Lu-ji hosts weekly ACIM Zoom Talks and Meditations, and since he started ACIM, Lu-ji has shared Christ’s ACIM Teachings with audiences in South Africa and abroad. He has vowed to do so until God’s Voice calls him to the final awakening.

If you have any questions or would like to join or start an ACIM workgroup please contact Lu-ji on 082 801 0789