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December 23, 2011

A School for Sleeping Angels

One day after my startling realisation that I had clearly missed some very important briefing session before incarnating, I was standing in my garden looking up at the sky. Something I had mastered as a young boy was the ability to change the shapes of clouds, punch perfect holes in them and make them appear or disappear at will. I had only ever shown Deirdre up until then, because she believed in me, and unlike most others had never judged me. So as I lay on my front lawn, looking up at the sky, I started playing with the clouds again. I played with them for a while and on one occasion I changed a large cumulus cloud into the shape of a brain. Inside the brain shaped cloud, I punched a hole to signify the tumour in my brain.

At that moment I received a brilliant inspiration – If I could do that with clouds, then perhaps I could do that with my tumour? Then for a second, I saw what seemed to be a flash of lightning, and the whole world turned white. The one moment I lay there on my lawn staring up at the clouds, and the next moment I was back home in the Spirit World (which I remembered well), having a very serious yet divine conversation with Uriall.

A Divine Conversation about ILLUSIONS


Luis:                     “Uriall, am I dead again?”

Uriall:                   “Yes, you have been for most your current life.”

Luis:                     “I have no idea what you are talking about. My question is have I just died?’

Uriall:                   “As I have just told you, You Have Been Dead in most of your current human existence Michaelilu.”

Luis:                     “How do you know? How can you say that? I’m sure I was very much alive just a few moments ago Uriall. Just a few moments ago I was lying on my front lawn looking up at the clouds!”

Uriall: “                 “Yes, you thought you were, but that doesn’t make you any more dead than you are right now?”’

Luis:                     “How can that be Uriall? Isn’t this Heaven? Surely if I died, and now I’m here in Heaven, then this must be real, and the life I have just had, was the illusion as so many Masters, and Gurus and spiritual teachers teach on earth?

Uriall                    “This is the Spirit World. And yes it too is an illusion Michaelilu. However, this is not Gods Kingdom. This is not HOME. This is not HEAVEN. This is as illusionary as your Earth School. It is a step closer to the truth, but it remains an illusion nevertheless”

Luis                      “And what about all these other floating bubbles that look like people? What about all these other Spirit Beings floating around here in this Spirit World place?”

Uriall:                   “They are dead too! They too, are characters in the dream”

Luis:                     “What about you? Are you dead too?”

Uriall:                   “No, I’m not part of the Mind dream.” I’m not one of its charactors as you have called them. I am what humans call an Archangel, and I reside in God’s kingdom. I am here to help you return to God. I am part of the Holy-Spirit. All Archangels are in service to the Holy-Spirit. We are the VOICE of the Holy-Spirit as the Holy-Spirit is the Voice of God. We are messengers that bring forth the Voice to those that have ears to listen. We convey the message of the Christ – The Unconditional Love of God. You forget that you are one of us, because you have fallen asleep in the illusionary dream of the lower Egoic Mind. You came to help our siblings awaken from the dream, as I have come to help you remember what you are so that you can reawaken. This is your only mission. Yet you became very disappointed with the vengefulness of mankind and you fell into anger, thus causing you to fall asleep in the dream. You almost forgot why you incarnated. It was part of our Divine Plan, yet it has become an error that many of us Archangels make because to truly help incarnated human beings, we have to experience what they do. Therein exists our greatest challenge. Once we experience the vengeance of the human Egoic Mind, it becomes very difficult for us to remember what WE ARE! Once we experience human suffering, it becomes very difficult for us to remember WHY WE HAVE CHOSEN TO SERVE. That is why very few of us ever incarnate, and why those of us that do, always incarnate with the help of some of our Brothers. You are ONE OF US MICHAELILU. This is why you can see and speak to us. You are one of us and unlike the characters of the mind, we never fell asleep. In choosing to help our sleeping siblings, some of us have entered into the dream, but we are not part of the dream. The dream is unaware of us, and that is why most humans cannot see us as you can. However, since you entered the dream, and fell asleep so you could learn how the mind works, we have come to assist you remember what you are so that you can remind your siblings that they can awaken if they want to. It is now time that you awaken so that you can fulfil your mission.”

Luis:                     “What mission?”’

Uriall:                   “We were all struggling to connect with the characters of the sleeping mind. Some of them could sense us, but only a few ever saw us. Most of them made up stories of what we are, and some even made the gross error of praying to us as if we are God the Creator. You the Michaelilu volunteered to enter into the dream. You fell asleep with the characters so that you could learn how best to help them awaken. You have learnt a great deal of human experiences and you now fully understand the depth of human suffering. You understand how cruel and separated the characters are. You understand their perversions, and their desire for vengeance. You understand that they have worked out how the mind creates, and how they have named it a “law of attraction”. Now instead of using their understanding of how the mind works to help themselves awaken, they are using it to accumulate illusionary wealth, love and joy. They are on the brink of complete self-destruction. You however are now perfectly equipped with a deep understanding of the mechanics of the human Egoic Mind. You are now ready to help mankind awaken and realise what is reality and what is illusion.  It is now time that you do, and that illusionary brain tumour that your body thinks it has, is part of our plan to awaken you. We your Siblings of the order of the Michaelilu put it there as part of your alarm bell that is waking you up from the sleep you agreed to partake in.”

Luis:                     “So what is this? Where am I?

Uriall: ‘                 “You are in the illusionary Spirit World. It is no more or no less of an illusion than the illusionary Planet Earth you think you live on. It is no more or less of an illusion than the Universe you think your planet resides in. You and all the characters you call humans, animals, plants or the aliens human-beings will encounter in the so-called near-future, are all characters created by One Sleeping Mind that is dreaming.”

Luis:                     “So God did not create the world we live in or this place, the Spirit World?”

Uriall:                   “That’s what you have to figure out, and you will have to do it in such a way so that you can prove it to your sleeping siblings, so that all can awaken. Unless you all awaken, you will remain trapped in the dream, and therefore trapped in the reincarnation cycle. Unless you awaken, you will have to be reborn.” And then he started laughing uncontrollably!

Luis:                     “What the hell……?”

Uriall:                   “What a hell indeed Lu, what a hell indeed my brother….NOW WAKE UP LUIS! Wake up brother…..wake up NOW……ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….or you will have to become a Reborn…….ha, ha, ha, ha…..if that Pastor Ray character only heard us now……ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…….

It was early morning, and as I woke up, I realised that I must have spent the whole night sleeping on my front lawn. I stood up slowly and walked towards my front door. My head hurt like hell, and my ass was as cold as my wife’s feet in winter. I picked up a newspaper page that had floated onto my garden and stepped into my home. I put on the kettle and made a cup of coffee. I sat down and looked at the folded newspaper page. The headline on page two read; “Hypnotherapist, Evans Brown helps amputate father’s arm without anaesthetics. Father healed of cancer.” Hypnotherapists my ass, I thought. What the hell can they possibly do to heal cancer? I suppose they will make it disappear like I make clouds vanish!’

Just then the phone rang and a friend of mine T suggested that I contact a friend of hers named Ursula. Ursula was once a nurse who had chosen to walk away from traditional medicine, and instead helped heal her patients through Biocom (frequency resonance healing). So I embarked on a twice a week Biocom session and each day I would practice the visualised healing process that I had learned from making clouds disappear. My tumour vanished in three months and I was never the same person again. I started to communicate with spirit beings again, and I started helping as many people as I could. The realisation that life is meaningless without a “Higher Purpose” made me do a “Jerry McGuire”, take my goldfish and start all over again, but this time in a whole new direction with a whole new mindset.

Hope you enjoyed that beloved


And Happy Holidays


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