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December 25, 2011

Happy Christ Awareness Celebrations

1:11 am Christmass morning, and I wake up craving coffee and a smoke. I go downstairs, make a brew and lightup. Laptop opens magically, by the unseen hand of my wide asleep body. I see the flash in the corner of my right eye.


Lu:         “Hello Jesus. Happy birthday my beloved Brother.”

J:            “Hello Lu, thank you but call me J”

Lu:         “Okay then, happy birthday J.”

J:            “It’s not my birthday”

Lu:         “What, it’s December 25th?

J:            “It’s still not my birthday, I don’t have a birthday.”

Lu:         “Yes, but half the world celebrates this day as your birthday.”

J:            “And hence they remain trapped in the Mind.”

Lu:         “What the hell bro?”

J:            “A hell of a place indeed Lu.”

Lu:         “So we can’t celebrate your birthday? We love you, you are our saviour.”

J:            “You can if it was true, which it isn’t.”

Lu:         “What do you mean? Okay perhaps it’s not the exact day, but we still want to celebrate your birthday J-dude.”

J:            “It’s not my Birthday. I was never born. My birth was an illusion and therefore it is an illusion. Why celebrate an illusion”

Lu:         “Well because it reminds us of how you sacrificed yourself for us.”

J:            “I did no such thing.”

Lu:         “What, are you now going to tell me that you did not die on that cross? I was there, and I remember – remember? I saw you die and then I saw you rise from the dead. I even saw you vanish into thin air a couple of weeks later. I even saw you reappear and disappear a few times. Don’t tell me I didn’t see it, because I did!”

J:            “You saw a great illusion. How can I be born, die and do all the things you seemingly saw me do if you know this is an illusion? Surely if this is an illusion then there is no death and therefore no birth either. How can it be my birthday, if I was never born?”

Lu:         “Okay, you’ve got me – you have a point. So then it’s not your birthday because you were never born, and never died because birth and death are illusionary constructs of a sleeping mind. Okay I get it, but why not allow us to celebrate your birthday as a reminder that you showed us a way out of the dream?”

J:            “You are allowed to do anything you want to. I never said you are not allowed to. I am just suggesting you stop celebrating illusions if you want to wake up.”

Lu:         “Well then, why not celebrate it anyway since it is an illusion. Why not just have some fun with it.?”

J:            “Because Lu, by celebrating an illusion you keep the illusion real. I was never born because My Father and I are ONE. My Father is eternal – always was, ever IS and Always will be. If My Father and I are One, then I AM eternal too. No beginning and no end. The Alpha and the Omega. Therefore celebrating my illusionary earthly birthdate is celebrating an illusion. Because mankind keeps celebrating my birthday, mankind keeps making an illusionary birth real, and this keeps you all trapped in the minds illusion.”

Lu:         “Yes, I get that, but I am grateful for your teachings, and We love you, so why not celebrate an illusion if it reminds us of you?

J:            “If you keep feeding illusionary constructs of your mind with your thought energy, you keep the illusion alive, and thus you remain asleep.”

Lu:         “So what do you suggest then J?”

J:            “Celebrate that we are One, and celebrate your awakening. Celebrate that you and I are brothers in Our Father. Celebrate that we are all Sons of the True Living God. Celebrate the Life that You Are. Celebrate the Love that You Are. Celebrate that You and I are Love. Share this TRUTH with the world Lu.”

Lu:         “Done, I will post this on my blog.”

J:            “What blog Lu?’

Lu:         “The illusionary one that I’m posting right now.”

J:            “Got me on that one Lu.”

Lu:         “Thanks for the illusionary visit J. Love you my brother”

J:            “Love you too Lu. Happy celebrations to you and all your readers. Celebrate the Christ of Our father within Us All and remember We ARE ONE”

Lu:         “It is done, bye-bye J.”

J:            “Adios Lu.”

4:48 am…time for another illusionary coffee and a serious smoke indeed

Namaste beloved and Happy Christ Awareness Day. Be the Love that you are. Remember Love Prevails and WE ARE ONE.

Love you always, Lu

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