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January 3, 2012

Answers to get you started in 2012

Hello Bunnies and welcome into a blessed 2012


Lately I am receiving many letters where people are asking me for help with direction and purpose for their lives. Many are experiencing tremendous heartache as their relationships fail one after the other in what seems to be repetitive self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Most people are looking for meaning in their existence, and most are desperately seeking “a life purpose” to make them feel fulfilled. Everyone wants to fulfil their dreams whatever they may be and they want to do so whilst having a meaningful loving relationship with “One-Special-Other” and as a result of such a relationship want to experience the bliss, love, joy, peace and prosperity that they believe life should serve us with.

Most of all; people want to know how to love themselves. How to stop their ego’s from destroying or controlling their lives. People want to find their true selves or what they commonly refer to as “I want to love myself”, but no matter what course they attend, or book they read and then follow some process, it remains an almost impossible feat for most to experience. Some learn to love others and give others love, but receiving it constantly seems to elude them, and even if they are ready to accept love from others, others seldom give them what they want. And then when others give them love, it’s never what they really want and if others give them they love we want, they then have no idea how to receive it – and what makes the matter worse, is even if people do give and receive love in equal doses, we they never seem to hang on to it or maintain such a state permanently. It seems as if mankind may have discovered space travel and liposuction, but by Zeus, “love” is still a disastrous mystery.

So what to do?


Now again I need to emphasise this – No matter what I say, it remains “Just one point of view”. It works for me, because I “worked-it-out” and then worked through it. Doing the “working-it-out” takes effort and constant Mind Vigilance, but then what other choice do you have other than staying in misery? Once you understand “Doing in Not Doing” you will have figured it out! So once you have read this blog – don’t just run off and do whatever the hell you are doing. Go find a quiet place and contemplate on the teachings which come from the Lord-God of my Being. Once you contemplate my words, apply them to your life in your own way. Keep at it and believe that Love Prevails. Within a short period of time, it will become exactly what you have asked for.


Question 1: Lu, how do I know when my ego no longer controls me?

When you thoughts are no longer indulged with a sense of self, it means that your ego is starting to dissolve. When you no longer identify with your thoughts, your self-image dissolves and along with that goes the thoughts of what you should be, should do and what you think you should project as an image of what is worthy in the eyes of others and your illusionary self. In the light of awareness steeped in the REALITY of what is, instead of what you have bought into, your ego dissolves. The ego was an enormous evolutionary step for mankind’s evolution as a species, enabling us to progress into some sort of civilized society, but it has now outlived its usefulness. It is now time for the ego to cease to be, and allow a new consciousness to be. This is the transition in Consciousness – this The Shift mankind is now experiencing. This is the HOLY-SPIRIT at work as we reawaken the Christ (love energy) within us and start our journey back to Total Remembrance Awareness that we are One in GOD.


Question 2: Should I change careers because I don’t feel fulfilled in what I do?

Changing Jobs/Careers – changing Relationships or going half-way around the globe on an “Eat-Pray-Love” Journey to find yourself is all pointless. Wherever You go, there YOU are! This means that wherever you go, there your Mind and all its thoughts are too. Yes at first the distractions of your new job/journey/lover will preoccupy your thoughts and seemingly prevent them from turning the new situation/place into a similar hell to the one you are in, but in a short while, your Mind will kick in and dominate you again – BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T DEALT WITH THE EGO’S ILLUSIONARY CHALLENGES.

What we all seek is wholeness. We seek to be complete. We seek to be One with our Source (God), but since we have no clue what we are, and we have even less of clue what God IS, we think that there is something wrong with us or something is missing. We believe that because we have a hole within us, we can fill it with people, places, things and events that will fill the hole and make us whole. Yet we together with everything we can touch, feel, taste and hear are but illusionary constructs of a fractured Mind. There is ONLY one MIND, and every single being in “the creation” is part of the One Mind. Therefore the universe that exists in your Mind, exists in My mind too, making the illusion seem real. So by filling the hollow hole within ourselves with  people, places, things and events will not fulfil us because they are illusions too. Nothing real exists, and nothing real can be filled with “No-Thing”.

Changing your job, relationship or where you are, will not change what you feel, since what you feel is hollow. To change the fractured holographic self, you need to “see” the TRUTH, and it is the TRUTH that will set you free to be what you already are – Whole and Perfect living in your Source, in Your Lord-God of your being – Living as one with all in God.

But you don’t believe what I have just written – you want too, but you won’t allow yourself to believe it because your ego dominates and controls your mind, and the ego will not allow you to be controlled by You – a No Mind, a Son/Daughter of God, because if it did, that would mean an end to it – the death of the ego – the second death of biblical proportions, the end of all illusion which keeps us in bondage because it has made you believe that you are not whole and that you do indeed need people, places, things and events to make you whole again.

And yet NO JOB – NO RELATIONSHIP – NO THING has ever made you feel fulfilled, and definitely not permanently because no illusion can last. How many times have you changed carers, relationships and moved places? How come you not fulfilled yet – blaming “Others” isn’t going to help because there are “Others” everywhere. No matter where you go you encounter challenges, so clearly the answer isn’t in running away either. Even a Buddhist monastery will become a boring meaningless place after a while – I mean how long can you sit on your donkey and pray, or sweep temples all day long or eat the same rice mean for? Yip, eventually giving up will not be an answer either. There has to be something we can do to end this nightmare from which we seemingly cannot escape – unless we die, and that scares the crap out of most of us regardless of what we believe, because 99% of us have no real proof of where we are going when we die – regardless of what we want to believe or what who says!

You still don’t get it – your mind lies to you – all the bloody time – always has and it always will – it’s the nature of the egoic Mind – to lie! Then you hear the truth, but you don’t want to hear what I am saying. You want magic, and when you see miracles you think it’s magic – it is not – miracles are natural – they are what we are – God’s will in action – naturally being like our Maker – only being perfect and not seeing evil, disease or pain because it is not really – no illusion created by the Mind can be. Yip ice-cream may taste great and there is nothing that comes close to a great love-making shag with the man/woman of your dreams – Yip, well not until you experience the Bliss which is the Kingdom of God! Ice-cream and great shagging is pointless, because they never last longer than 11 minutes and then it all over and then you feel wanting/wanton again, so all temporal bliss comes to an end because they are illusions. Imagine that Italian ice-cream taste in your mouth whilst having a continuous orgasm forever – yes, not even that compares to the Kingdom.

The main problem here is that you think the kingdom is somewhere out there to be gotten – attained through some good deed or worse, achieved through sacrifice, when in TRUTH nothing could be further from it! You are God’s will and you are God’s Kingdom and you will know this when you choose it – choose to remember that you are it – choose to return to knowing it. That’s all you have to do – no retreat, no workshop, no huge dollars paid to some ass who charges a fortune for an enlightening weekend so he can cry about his mommy every time he mentions her, and then tell you how to get over your shit!

You don’t need to change anything or do anything – You just have to choose to return to God. Make Oneness in God you highest ideal. Forget about finding happiness-ever-after in the arms of a new lover, on in a new career, or in going to Bali. Give up nothing, because you can’t give up an illusion, it does not exists – and therein you will gain everything, because you are everything meaningful, purposeful, and worthy, because you are the Will Of God. You are the Kingdom, you are God’s TRUE Son/Daughter and all you need to do is want to remember that you are. The Holy-Spirit will do the rest and guide you the rest of the way. Why not partner up with the Holy-Spirit instead of partnering up with a new job, lover or place. When you return to Heaven within you, a state of Heaven returns around you, because heaven is what you will see. Your egoic mind will have dissolved and in its place you will find your truth, – been there al along – in the very nature of what you are.

In your nature exists your truth and your truth is God’s will. Your nature is the nature of God’s Son/Daughter. Return to your nature – Doing in Not Doing. Anyone who has seen an aikido master or ballerina at work will understand Doing in Not Doing. Your nature requires no effort – it comes natural to you. It’s when you go against what is your nature, because you have created a god from a career, person, place or event that you become unhappy and bored with it sooner or later. Nothing REAL can be threatened and nothing unreal can fulfil you because it doesn’t exist. Change your Mind and everything changes. Change from your Lower Egoic Mind to your Higher-self Mind and everything changes. And to do this all you need to do is;

  1. Make Oneness with God you highest ideal – your greatest desire above all – before a new job, career, lover, partner, child, far-off destination or whatever.
  2. Know that you’ll be give nothing up – you gain everything instead!
  3. Ask the Holy-Spirit – the Voice of god to guide you. Just say; “Holy-Spirit guide me now.”
  4. Go be still and pray/meditate – allowing silence to fill you because the Holy-Spirit cannot speak to you through a noisy Mind.
  5. Return to nature and find your Nature – get out of your Mind to make sense of the mess we created. Your nature will guide you home to the Kingdom, right here and right now.
  6. Know that God’s will is that you live in the bliss of God’s Kingdom.
  7. Know you are God’s Kingdom.

That’s it – saying anything else is pointless and a waste of illusionary time!


Question 3: How do I find love that lasts? My relationships always end in a disaster. Men are always using me and I always seem to end up with needy guys! Is it because I need to be needed? How do I end this cycle?

You always get what you truthfully think you deserve! Men chase women. Women are chased – that’s the natural way of the illusionary construct of the mind. Don’t argue with me. You can be a sexist or a feminist – I don’t really care, and it doesn’t matter to me, because both are illusions and they are not real. But – in the illusion, we want to change the “Laws” that we created – and yes we can if we all collectively do – but when last did you see the whole of mankind agreeing on anything meaningful? Don’t waste your time. What will it take for you to figure out that “He’s just not that into you?” What will it take for you to have patience to wait for the right one – the complementary polar opposite of what you are – no instead you go off chasing what you don’t want in the hope that you can change it to what you do want. Men have become hunted and women are doing the chasing – only to find themselves disappointed because he doesn’t show any balls – how can he – you are wearing them! You will know when a guy wants you – he will make an ass of himself to get you. Yip, but you don’t want them because they are as needy as you are. What you want is the perfect man, to sit around until you show up – yea right!

And men are just as stupid – how many of them chase a bokkie when she clearly isn’t interested. Boys – wake TFU already – you will know when she wants you, and NO – playing hard to get for 5years isn’t real – if she hasn’t allowed you in within a month or two, then you are wasting your time.

We seek what we already are – look at the qualities you love about yourself and you will see its what you want in a lover. Then look at what you dislike about yourself – this is the shit that will constantly pop up in your life in “Others” and it will keep presenting itself until you own all of it by forgiving such qualities. The shitty things you dislike about yourself, can’t be seen by you – you won’t own up to your disliked qualities, perversions and sicknesses, so you will only see them in others. It’s the log out of your eye before the splinter in mine type of shit. So you see it in “others”, but what you don’t realise is that your world, your life, your situation is in YOUR MIND, and therefore what you think about is what you experience, see and receive – all the time until you stop seeing the illusion as if it were you. You are the illusion for as long as you believe the ego. How can the illusion see itself? The illusion is an image and an image cannot see the image it is because it is its own projection! There are no others – they are all you – fractured aspects of the mirror the Mind is projecting as a reality, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Stop needing – stop needing to be needed – STOP IT NOW. Why do you need to be needed? What makes you feel better about yourself when you are needed/ Do you feel more important, more worthy, more of something that you are not? Only in illusions is this real, in REALITY it is a lie because you are perfect – all you need to do is REMEMBER THAT. How can someone fulfil you. They cannot enter into you! Some little “sticky bit” is far too small to fulfil you permanently and wholly. What is it that you think you are lacking? How come you think you are lacking? Don’t you see that it’s your thinking that is lacking – all thinking is. Thoughts of scarcity fill the world, and hence the mess it is in – a true reflection outside US, clearly showing us our inner lacking thoughts, beliefs and bullshit concepts about ourselves. We are whole, we are perfect, we are all beautiful – and each one of us is part of the whole that makes US all collectively ONE SON of GOD.

We Created the Universe – well our Mind did, and we have filled it up with illusionary constructs of our fractured Mind and we call these things; “people, places, things and events”. None of it REAL and none of it can fulfil us. How can it, when a full cup overflows when you keep filling it with more. When will WE be ENOUGH for OURSELVES? Only when we return to oneness with God by making God our highest ideal, and that to which we want to return more than anything else on earth. Don’t believe me? – well then, keep searching, and when you find it let me know, because I don’t believe you!


Question 4:  How do I ensure my partner treats me the way that I deserve? My relationship is a one-way street where I give love and never get any back? My partner uses me but never considers my needs!

Until you see yourself being treated that way and never ever accept any other way regardless of the consequences. I can promise you that no one will treat you badly unless you give them the permission to do so.  By allowing them to treat you a way that does not serve you, you give them the power to do so, and you then give away your power of getting what you deserve.  There is a rude joke that states; “what do you tell a woman with two blue eyes? Nothing, she has been told twice!”  Yes what very sad joke indeed that men abuse women and children, but unfortunately it remains a fact.  How do we change this terrible disgusting action? How do we stop abuse of any kind? Simply by no longer allowing it to happen – that’s how! Collectively we have to say NO MORE ABUSE! We as a whole society must simply never allow abuse to be allowed – and yet therein exists a wonderful lesson, if you choose to overcome it.

Never give your power to anyone or anything. Never allow anyone to be the cause of your happiness and you will never allow anything to be the cause of your pain. When you need something, that something has power over you, and you know what they say about power – it corrupts absolutely everything because that which needs power has none of its own, so it takes from others to sustain its illusionary need for power. Why would you keep giving something when you receive nothing in return? Why do YOU KEEP PUNISHING YOURSELF? No one is punishing you other that yourself. You partner is not punishing you – s/he is just doing what comes naturally to them – taking! You are doing what comes naturally to you – giving! Why are you complaining? If it doesn’t serve you the STOP giving! Perhaps then they will notice and ask you why you have stopped. Then you can tell them what you want and the two of you can come to an amicable agreement on what serves you both. If you can’t, then you never will and then you have only three choices.

  1. Stay and keep giving without expecting anything in return and then stop complaining about it – since complaining about it is how you draw your energy back from anyone who will listen to your “Sorry-for-me-victim” complaints.
  2. Move on and find someone who will give you what you want which inevitably gets you straight back to where you started.
  3. Learn to be what you deserve and you won’t need anyone – then you can find a companion who wants what you want and together you can walk your path back into Oneness!


Question 5:  Dear Lu, Why is this planet so dreadful? I can’t wait to get off this horrible place? Can you explain why it’s such a shitty place? I’m contemplating ending my life but am scared only because I think God will punish me. If it wasn’t for that, I would be gone a long-long time ago!

I don’t know why it’s a shitty place for you – it’s a very lekker place for me! You tell me why it’s a shitty place – your mind created it in the first place! The mind created this beautiful, cruel, stunning, crappy, lovely, evil DUALISTIC plane of existence, because by experiencing it we could learn a very important lesson about ourselves – what we are through the experience of what we are not. When we realise what we are, we remember what we are. And we are God’s authentic Sons who are perfect, beautiful, kind, compassionate, and very-very creative indeed!

Earth is a projected Plane of exercising creation until we reach a state of Total Remembrance Awareness. If it was not “shitty” we would not want to find an alternative way of living. We would not want to return to God, because if it were perfect, then we would already be awake in God, and not sleeping in the kingdom dreaming up this illusionary nightmare.

Don’t be surprised when you one-day die and then arrive in the “Heavenly Spirit World” and see both Eugene Whitearth and Julius Dilema having a Champaign breakfast together whilst laughing at what they did whilst the were human-monkeys. It does not matter what they believed, because what they believed was in the illusions of their sleeping Mind. The “How”, meaning the passion with which they do everything they did, is what counts (regardless of any racist point of view). Heaven and hell are within you – which one you choose to see and thus live in is entirely up to you. You cannot change the world around you until you change the world in you. The world of your mind is projected into the world around you. It is perfect, and the seeming disasters and tragedies happening all over the world is but experiences those who are having them have projected for themselves to experience them. What you focus on is what you see – what you look at is where you go in mind and in body and in Spirit – choose wisely. So just as in the above mentioned question/answer – if you keep giving your ego what it wants (your energy in the form of love and attention) and it still gives you nothing but a “shitty” planet, then it’s time that you realise that you are giving your power away to an entity that does not serve you nearly as well as you serve it. So if you want to end this shitty time on your “shitty” planet then you have three choices;

  1. Keep believing in your ego’s lies and keep giving your love and attention to it without expecting anything in return, and then stop complaining about it – since complaining about it is how you draw your energy back from anyone who will listen to your “I’m-a-victim-of-this-shitty-earth” complaints.
  2. Move on (die) and find another ego (another body in another illusionary lifetime) who will give you what you want which inevitably gets you straight back to where you started since your mind won’t change – it can’t – there is only one Mind.
  3. Learn to be what you ARE and you won’t see anything in any other way other than in the way that you are which is Perfect. You won’t need anything or anyone in the world to change because you will only see what you are and so all people in your life will seem perfect too – then you can live in bliss right here on this planet while everyone else finds their path back into Oneness too!


Oh, on ending your life – you can’t do that – you are LIFE – what you can do is end your projection – and you are the projection of what you have created and you did it for a very good reason. As far as God punishing you is concerned; you don’t have to worry about that – God wont! He can’t, because God’s only will is that your will be done – it’s your will to do whatever you want, and you chose to be you. God does not have an ego, and God is Perfect and Whole. He has no need to punish you. The only punishing you will experience is the punishment you will seemingly leave behind for those who love you and will have to come to terms with your decision, and of course you will punish yourself when you go home to the Sprit World – the place you are projecting from, and discover how silly you were to think that this world was shitty when it could have been heavenly had you only changed your MIND about how you wanted to experience it.


Question 6: Lu, you healed a friend of mine who had cancer and was on her death bed. Now she is perfectly healthy and has become so peaceful. How did you do that? – You seem to be a normal bloke – I mean you even smoke and drink and rumour has it that you are rather naughty?

I’m never naughty, but always nice! Don’t believe rumours, come see for yourself – but rumour has it you are rather hot! I did not heal anyone. The Holy-Spirit does all the healing – I’m just an observer of what is natural for the Holy-Spirit and Miracles are natural for all of God’s Sons and Daughters – all they need to do is know that they are the TRUE “SONS” of God, and this will enable them to only see perfection – Diseases like cancer are illusion constructs of a dying Mind that is killing off its characters because it is losing its Mind – and in forgetfulness, the characters are dying. I have taken ownership of my Sonship whilst I’m here on earth, and sometimes a smoke is my incense and spirits are my being. I’m not human, I just pretend to be, and Jack-D, Camels and Hot bokke are illusions with which I distract myself – you should try it sometime 😉

Have a great illusionary 2012 – And remember the world won’t end, unless it ends for you – what you focus on is what you get, so please don’t focus on all that hocus-pocus 2012 end-of-the-world nonsense. Its nonsense because it makes no sense whatsoever – except for the egoic-Mind that would love you to believe in concepts and bullybeef beliefs. Who designed time? We the Mind did, so let’s not worry about illusions anymore – okay!



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