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January 9, 2012

The Rec(Lu)se

You may have often heard me say; “No matter where you go, there you are.” And yet many people wonder why I retreat to my Little House on the Prairie in the Littlefalls Mountains as soon as I have finished a worldly task, and very seldom venture out and socialise in the normal way.

Now for the record, I haven’t always been this way. Up until my early thirties I partied-up a storm and by the time I turned 33 I had visited over 30 countries around the globe. Now at 44 I have been to 42 countries and I guess there are still a few more I want to see.

But therein lays the problem. What I realised a while back was that no matter what country I travel to, or what their culture is, or what they eat or the “vibe” of the country, the illusion is the same regardless of how it is masked. Whether it’s a Boere-oomie in the Freestate, or a Stock Broker in New York, the Human drama remains the same. The serving is always bullybeef, no matter how it’s cooked or wrapped or who serves it. Travelling to Sandton or Switzerland is all pretty much the “same-old-same-shit” to me.

Travelling does give one a sense of adventure which often gives one a wider perspective on life. However if you remain asleep you would not see the patterns of human drama unfolding and so you wouldn’t learn anything anyway. If you are asleep you may as well travel to your local shopping mall because the trip is at least easier and you don’t have to be treated like some criminal every time you go through customs in the USA or back here in SA.

The normal condition which humans have come to accept is called suffering and you don’t have to go far to see what I am talking about. Now many a pal of mine has “up-upped-and-awayed” to Oz, or NZ or some other little big-country where apparently there is less suffering because there is less crime and the citizens are apparently more civilised! The “sorry-for-you” as Mr. Mansfield often puts it is that no matter where you go, your shit goes with you. What I mean is that no matter where you scurry-off to, your Mind goes with you, and if your Mind is predisposed to suffering as a norm for you, I am very sorry to inform you that no matter where you go or which new rock you hide under, your Mind will eventually find you and dish out the bullybeef sandwich you have been running away from.

A guiltless Mind cannot suffer. A guilty one creates suffering for its host, in the same way that cancer kills the very thing that is trying to protect. Suffering is why you incarnated, because it is the one thing that is going to wake you up into the realised remembrance of what you are. Now all you are doing by trekking off to the Land-of-Oz, is delaying the inevitable. So perhaps this life will seem to flow better if you are lucky to escape your Mind, but in the old-end, she will find you! She always does until such a time as you dissolve the whiney biach!

So if you are the one-in-a-billion seemingly lucky sod who escapes your Mind woes by moving to the land of Big-Faced Statues, you will unfortunately come back in the next life and then experience what you need to so that you can wake up. If not, and your Mind finds you sitting on the Golden-Coast, then she is going to start creating all sorts of shitty dramas for you again. Okay so there is no hooded fellow in an Armani suit sporting an AK47 who is going to hijack your Merc, but you will experience a similar drama nevertheless. Your Mind will create some sort of suffering, and it will be served in the guise of not feeling secure amongst the sheep-shaggers, you can’t seem to find a job, or whatever situation induces stress, anxiety and fear in you again. Then as a matter of historical fact, they will annoy you with “you-must-be-a-racist-then” talk whilst they periodically insert the word “Boog” in their apparent non-racist crappy-accented lingo. The Mind is your ego, and there is no getting away from it. You have to confront it head on, then forgive it and then destroy it so that it never controls you again. No person can serve two masters; you either serve your ego or you serve your Higher-Self – pick one. 

Realising this a long time ago taught me that I have no need to go anywhere to return to my Highest Ideal. I don’t have to travel far to experience a magical place, because it is within me and so I can make anyplace feel heavenly, and best of all I can make “no place” feel blissful right here and right now.  The world is in my Mind, and “MY” world exists therein too. All I have to do is decide how I want to experience it and then surrender to what is. In my Non-Going, I receive going everywhere right here and now. I have NOWHERE to go because NOW-HERE is everywhere. Distance like time is nothing but illusionary constructs of a lost Mind desperately trying to get somewhere for its salvation, when nothing can be further away from the truth.

Every journey you embark on eventually leads you right back to where you started – at the front door of your home. You have only seemingly left, when in truth you never have, it’s all just in your Mind. So unless you go within, you constantly have to go outside there somewhere to find what you already have – what you already are, and what you have always had – You at Peace in the Kingdom which is You.


You have two Minds – a lower egoic self and a Higher-Self which is your Christ-Mind. The Lower-Mind is a projector of images and cannot see itself and therefore blames everyone other than itself for all its misery. The Higher-Mind is the part of you that has never left the kingdom and has never forgotten its Source. The important lesson is simply that there is no getting away from your master-Mind – and to do that you have to know which mind is your Master. Knowing the Higher Mind is easy; it’s at peace in what is, and is completely content no matter where it is because heaven is within it. The Lower-Mind is the unhappy bugger – the saboteur who is only content with gaining more. More wealth, more stuff, more happiness, more-more-more because the moment it gains something it is happy, but it never lasts. Then it starts wanting more again because unless it is pursuing something, it is never happy. Just like a dog chasing its tail, it has no choice but to let it go once it has caught it, and then it starts the ridiculous chase again.  So unless you kill the ego or the Lower-Egoic Mind, you are doomed to a life of more wanting and you’ll never be satisfied – the Lower-Mind never is!

Now many a “Theologian”, “Healer” and “Mystic” has sought to understand the Mind, and many books and articles have been written on the mysteries of the Mind. Many an author has become famous and have become the theme in many intellectualised debates. The reality however is that no matter what they call it (Kabbalah, Sacred geometries, Fibonacci, Solfeggio, Psycho-babble bully-beef ID, Shadow-self, IQ-EQ-SQ, Archetypes, Hierarchy of needs, Law-of-attraction, Quantum mechanics, Quantum psycho-analysis, bla, bla, bla fishpaste), they all remain pure illusionary constructs or mind-mechanics explanations of an illusionary dream or projection of the Lower-Mind. The higher-Mind is One with God, and therefore has no need to understand any of these illusions since they only give explanations and theories of what is not real. I mean what would be the point of finding a cure for something only to figure out that what you have found a cure for does not exist? How would you feel then if you spent your entire life or even several lifetimes seeking an alchemic solution to life only to figure out that you are it? I guess you would be rather bemused because by then you would have figured out that you are the greatest mystery to be solved.   


To step up into your Higher-mind you have to take a step inwards. That means that you have to go to your core or your centre where all is still and quiet. Within you exists the answer to all questions – the most important being; what am I and what am I supposed to do now that I know what I am? The answer is simple, but it is not easy. In fact we cannot do it on our own – we need help. The answer is REMEMBER – awaken and know that you are a Son of God and that you have never left home. All you need to do is ask; “Holy-Spirit” guide me Now. You can replace the word Holy-Spirit” with Angel, or God, or Jesus, or Krishna, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Allah, or Sai-Baba, or Osho, or Ramtha, or Shiva, or whatever you like, but the truth is that it is the VOICE of our God, that will guide us all home into awakening in the Kingdom – an I call this VOICE the Holy-Spirit, so you can call it what you like.

Now comes the challenge – Give you 10% tithing! Yip, 10% of your time to God – and that makes it 2hours and 15minutes a day and if you can’t do it daily, then at least spend one whole day a week in prayer and meditation. And if you say you can’t or it difficult bla, bla, bla smelly fishpaste nonsense, then I guess I will watch over you in your next lifetime (or ten) until you do. That’s why some come back and become Buddhist monks – but hell; rice every day and no smokes is a scary thought! You want to wake up, but you won’t do anything about it and then you hope someone can give you a pill that will do it for you! There is no such pill or course or whatever……well except for “THE COURSE” and then you have to do the workbook anyway!

So why not make some time in your diary in 2012 and plan your time around your highest ideal, instead of putting your highest ideal on a maybe-perhaps-someday list? If you want to get off this planet and you don’t want to come back, why not then put in the effort. No matter how much you say that you will not come back, I have news for you – all 3,500 of my regression clients said they would have to and some were Highly Advanced Spirit beings.

Meditation and prayer

If you want to stop the reincarnation cycle, then you have to commune with your God daily – you have to be still inside and allow God to become the Master of your Mind until such time as you become the Higher-Mind. You need to spend time in gratitude for what you have and you need to let God know how grateful you are for being able to awaken in HIM. Then there is something very important for you to do; you have to forgive the ego and the Lower-mind, because it is filled with guilt whether you are aware of it or not. The Lower-Mind believes it has sinned against god, and hence it fears being punished. This is why it is constantly projecting its fears into your life as you then project your fears as judgements of others. When you realise that what you are is love and what you want for others is that they realise that they too are love, then you will know you have stepped inward to the Light of Your Christ that awaits silently within you. And the only way you will achieve this is through continuous practice of forgiveness, silence and joyous communion with God.

Be still and know that God is within you awaiting your return to awakening.



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