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January 10, 2012

The Seven Steps after “The Fall”

Realising that we forgot our origins and that we were lost, we the one half of the Mind or the “fallen-angels” as our history calls us needed help. The Voice of God spoke to us as the unseen omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Holy-Spirit; the Voice said; “Beloved, to return to remembrance, you must create, because creators are what you are, my beloved Sons. Create and through your creations you will remember what you are and who I AM. Love your creation because Love is what you are and your creations are part of you”.


The 1st Step in Awareness Remembrance

As a new-born baby you looked into the eyes of your mother and father and your first step in awareness remembrance was completed. You found yourself in a new realm – a world of physicality and you knew that you had manifested the life that you are. You had chosen siblings as parents and you knew that the choice would serve your remembrance. You needed no reminding of what you were, because you knew you did not know anyway. All you knew at this stage in your remembrance was simply that you existed and that life flowed through you.

Your eyes started to focus and you started noticing people, places, things and events. You judged them not, and each experience you learned something about your creation. You had no doubt that it was yours and the entire world was there purely to serve you. You had no idea of what you did not know, and what you understood was all that counted. Your entire focus was on your needs, your wants and only you. What others thought or wanted or said had no consequence on what you were because you were complete in what IS and you accepted it as it was given.

Your Spirit said “I AM” and it is perfect. You were at peace, but not for long……

The 2nd Step in Awareness Remembrance

You moved to your second awareness step as soon as you realised that there was a world outside yours. Slowly you started realising that there was something expected of you. You had to sleep when you were told, and there were certain things you were not allowed to do – something’s you could not touch, and you started to learn. You learned that some strangers were not to be trusted; mom pointed to the sky in reverence and told you that someone called “God” lived there and that in “that” direction far-far away lived granny and Santa.  You learned that birthdays and Christmas were days of celebration which meant you would get a new toy if you behaved like a good little boy.  You felt physical pain for the first time after you learned that your will could not always be exercised – vengeance was reaffirmed and fear was born. Then a little boy declined your invitation to play together on a swing and you felt a pain inside somewhere, but you had no name for rejection yet.

Your physical senses showed you either pleasure or pain and you soon realised that you could only explore some people, places, things and events. You developed a fear of spiders and insects because your mother screamed every time she saw one, and since you only screamed in pain, these things must have meant pain too. You associated tears with hurt, and despised your father for making your mother cry – you learned to take sides and the separation within you became judgements.

You stopped focusing on what happened within you and you started focusing on things outside you. You developed needs! You needed more information, more stuff to keep you preoccupied and a new teddy bear lost its appeal after a few hours if not minutes. You discovered moving pictures and funny bunnies that made you laugh. You learned and you became bored quickly.

You realised that you were separated from others by your body and that your body did whatever you willed it to do within the boundaries set by your loving parents. The more you appeased them, the more your body was touched, hugged, and shown appreciation, and you developed your first fight or flight impulses depending on how you behaved or what happened around you. You discovered the joy of motion and the words zoom-zoom left your lips as you expressed the feelings of pleasurable motion.

You were either happy or sad, content or discontent and soon you knew what it would take to always be happy – and so you learnt to reason, to bargain and to appease others because of their expectations. A new identity of the self was being brought into awareness and you were learning to exercise control of others and things – your ego was growing. Your original awareness of what you were started fading and you your awareness that you were as lost as when you first incepted the realm of physicality started to match your awareness of your Spirit haven. At least there you knew you were lost and that you had forgotten what you once were. Now you knew even less.

The 3rd Step in Awareness Remembrance

You realised that you were you and you were not like all the others. You noticed differences, boys and girls, and that mommies and daddy’s were different from each other. You noticed the power struggles of the ego – victims and predators or aloof-pretenders and interrogators were all around you and they loved to draw energy from one another. You were magically drawn to some people and they became friends and loving grandparents and siblings; others however were to be avoided at all costs.  Some had power over you and you gave it willingly – whilst others gave you theirs and you took their power without a thought of any consequences.

You started to desire “others” and you started to feel that something was missing. Not knowing what this something was, you learned projection. You projected the feelings of emptiness onto other people and things and you became content as soon as you had them in your grasp. As soon as you lost something or others went away the feelings of emptiness returned. You learned that you could feel lonely and you realised that people, places, things and events could seemingly fill the void within you. You started to realise that things break and are worn-out and you realised something new – Time and space were not your friends.

You started to define yourself by your likes and dislikes. You liked blue, but pink was for girls, you liked cowboys and Indians but it was no fun playing with dolls unless you could look under their skirts – which you knew you would be frowned at, even though there was nothing to see. Then you showed your little girl friend yours and she showed you hers, and you really couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about – never mind that you were threatened with pain if you continued going into this no go zone. You learned shame, and what a shame it became indeed. Something inside told you that what you did not understand, held some secret, and since something was missing you projected your desire to know what it was onto the opposite sex.  You started your search for meaning.

The 4th Step in Awareness Remembrance

You learn to identify, first yourself and then others. You find solace in groups and you define yourself by music, fashion and beliefs. You are taught “Right” from “Wrong” and you realise that others see the world you live in differently. Others want different people, places, things and events. You learned “Your” value in relation to others and you discovered separation.

Your mind became split, and you yearned for wholeness. You separation became a strong projector of what was happening on the inside and yet you had no idea of what you were doing. You started to seek that one special other – and you desired a relationship with her, believing that she would complete you.

Your self-image became split. How you truly saw yourself and how others saw you versus how you wanted to be seen became your first priority and you gave all your attention to this quest. You believed that the more you understood of something or someone, the more valued you were. Intelligence or physical prowess became your defining element. Your Mind took over your life, and yet you had no awareness of what a mind Is. All you knew is what you wanted, and your present moments defined your inner world. You knew that in order to achieve the identity you so deeply desired in order to feel fulfilled, you had to become an image – your gods and idols were born.

You had little choice in what you looked like, and it soon started to define you as you discovered what the world thought was beautiful or ugly. You learned that if you had no special beauty, then your brain could differentiate you, make you more valued and so you learned about power. Illusions became real and reality was defined by your beliefs in yourself and in the customary beliefs of your family if you bought into them.

You started to realise that adults were no different than children, and that in most cases they were far worse. You parents looked fragile and their ideas were weak – you started losing faith in them, and humanity held even less hope for you. You became as lost as you once were before you were born into this manifested illusion, but you had even less of a clue as to why you were what you are. You started to dislike yourself and you blamed others for your woes.

You started to choose sides and you realised that people want to belong to groups that are different. There was you and I, us and them…..and the separation was at its deepest point of despair. The fall was complete.

The Return to Remembrance


The 5th Step in Awareness Remembrance

Something within you kept calling, and a Voice within you could be heard whispering every time you were silent. On a trip into nature you felt something way larger and more powerful than the entire universe. You heard the VOICE of God calling you home, but since you had no idea what you are, you had no idea of what the VOICE is, and after all you were taught to fear demons. You learned to shut out the truth and your Master-mind took over – you became possessed by something that was unnatural, unreal, vicious, vengeful and evil at its core.

Yet your nature kept calling, and even though you tried new experiences, they kept failing. The fear of disappointing others, your parents, your spouse, your society was still stronger than the VOICE, and you realised that many of your siblings were dying. Nothing seemed to last and you started to question the illusion. You learned of mysteries, and you questioned the origins of the species. Most importantly you asked the questions, what am I, who created me, is there really a God, and if so what do I mean to HER?

You started asking some great questions, and yet no one seemed to have the answers. You joined a religion, and then gave it up because you realised the blind can lead the blind further astray. You started attending workshops, and often you would feel the PRESENCE besides you, inside you and all around. You knew you were on a path, and you thought you knew where it was heading. Each time you learned something new, you discovered something more about yourself. Each new lesson brought more questions and you were indeed on a divine quest.

You realised that some people would remain with you forever, and that some you just had to let go of no matter how painful it felt. You realised that there was indeed something that CREATED you and yet you could not see THIS BEING. Something inside you still kept calling and you called back. The Mind – your mind kept fighting you and sometimes you would cry yourself to sleep.

You discovered “Masters” and some seemed more real than others – more authentic because of the fact that they did what they said, and you realised that miracles are indeed possible. Your ideals started being born out of a desire to return to peace, and you knew that it was possible. You were tiring but you then discovered something beautiful – YOUR NATURE.

The 6th Step in Awareness Remembrance

Realising that your cup was full, you knew that you had to unlearn all that you had filled your mind with.  You realised that there was a purpose in all this. In your Nature lay the truth of what you are. In YOUR NATURE you were passionate and your creations flourished. You realised that you are a co-creator and at first you loved what you created.

Then the Mind created doubt, and you realised that you had to keep your lanterns burning throughout the night, because the mind-thief always returns in the darkest hours.  You started looking inwards, and you started expanding all that you are. Again you learned to love all that you are, and so you loved your true authentic self and the only true authentic creations – Love, Peace, Joy and TRUTH. You now knew for a fact that you needed to return to wholeness and that illusionary people, places, things and events would not fill your void. Realising that your cup was full yet again, you knew that you had to unlearn all that you had filled your Mind with and so you emptied the vessel and cried out to the VOICE; Holy-Spirit guide me now.

And the VOICE answered; Forgiveness is your key out of this nightmare beloved sibling – wake up and forgive your Mind and all is forgiven because in Truth there is nothing to forgive. This is an illusion that you have dreamt up, and all you need to do to awaken is realise that you are not – then chose to be, and when you ask, it shall be given.

And so now you realise that what you seek is YOU. What you realise is that God created you, and that you are part of God, but the question remained, what AM I in relation to you beloved Father?

The 7th Step in Awareness Remembrance

You slept peacefully and you dreamt a magnificent dream. In the dream you are a Son of God, an Archangel, a most blessed Being of Light and Sound and your Creation is an expansion of what you are – LOVE. Then as you keep creating you lose yourself in your creations and slowly you start to forget what you are. Then you hear the VOICE, and it says; “Beloved, to return to remembrance, you must create, because creators are what you are, my beloved Sons. Create and through your creations you will remember what YOU ARE and WHO I AM. Love your creation because Love is what you are and your creations are part of you. LOVE your creations as I LOVE YOU, for YOU ARE MY CREATIONS”.

YOU WAKE UP AND IT WAS INDEED ALL A DREAM. Now realising that your siblings are still asleep, you return awakened to the dream so you can be an instrument to serve the VOICE, help awaken them too.

I Love All of You my beloved Brothers and Sisters – We are One in God

Remember and awaken and know we are One.



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