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January 12, 2012

Sins of Illusions

Are you sinning right now as you read this? Scan your mind for sin and you find it only in the past. But if time is an illusion, then there is no past but only now. So if there is no past, how could you have sinned unless you are holding thoughts of the past in the now? That means that you are not present in the now. A guiltless Mind cannot suffer, because to suffer means you have guilt which exists only in illusion – since illusions are pictorial constructs of a Mind that does not know that it is a Son of God, which cannot sin in reality.

Search for love right now. Can you feel love? Are you feeling love? Are you loving now? Are you being love?  Without love, guilt prospers, grows, festers, and slowly starts to take over your being and eventually leads you to your death. Guilt kills its host by making you believe that it serves you when nothing could be further from the truth. Love does not kill to save you. Love sets you free to be your true authentic self for Love is what you are since you are made in the likeness of your Creator.

There is No Space, no distance and no time. You will not get rid of guilt in time. You will not discover love in the future. You will not find love over there. You will not find guilt or love in the same space, because only one is real, and only one is nowhere, whilst the other one is now here. You cannot see love, but you can see you guilt because it comes as thoughts, as pictures in your guilty Mind. Yet what you see is an illusion. Everything you see is an illusion, for what is real is unseen, because in choosing what you wanted to see, you chose to look away from the truth. You will either see one or the other, but you cannot see both with the same sight.

You believe what you see is real, and you also believe that angels are real, but can you see angels in the world? Do you see them really – can you or do you just imagine you do? I tell you this, until such time as you close your illusionary eyes, and look inward, you will not see the truth. Until you block your illusionary ears and listen to silence you will not hear the Voice of the Great Spirit. Until you stop holding onto stuff with your hands, you will not feel God’s embrace. Until you stop believing that you are what you believe is you, you will never be the Truth of what you are in total authenticity. Until you stop searching, you will continue searching.

No one can make you happy, and no one can make you feel something you have not experienced. How can you see what you do not see? How can you listen to a voice you cannot hear? How can you touch something that does not exist? How can you be what you are not? You cannot serve two masters, and yet you want both to serve you. You want to feel the bliss of heaven, but you want to experience the illusion of this world in the same way. You want life, but you believe that one day you will die! You want the impossible indeed!

You search for love in another’s arms. You want to be loved without conditions and yet you believe that you can feel fulfilled with nothing. Yet when I tell you that you can be in heaven, you can be the bliss that you seek, you can have the most amazing love that will fill you eternally, you can sleep in peaceful dreams, and you can be the angel that you so desperately desire to see, you refuse to believe me – and choose rather to believe in your vulnerability. I tell you this – you are invulnerable because you are a Son/Daughter of God. You cannot be hurt and you are already whole. Nothing outside you can complete you for you are complete. You cannot find love, because it cannot be found outside Love. Love calls forth Love and illusionary human expressions of love is not what Love is. Human love is need, desire and ownership. You cannot have a “Soulmate” and be Love, because Soulmates are illusions. If you cannot be Love, you will never call it forth unto your experience of what you are.

You seek for a heavenly experience on earth, and yet you seek heaven one day when you die. If only you realise that a Son/Daughter of God cannot die, you will realise that it’s your belief in Heaven “after” death that keeps heaven from you right now. Seek heaven within you and you will find it right here and now on earth. By surrendering your 1st worldly love to God, you will be given the most magnificent Love of all. You cannot hold onto illusions whilst you seek reality. You have to choose one, and there is no better time to choose it than NOW. God knows what serves you and His will is that yours be done. You and God are One in God, and your will is His will. Yet until you surrender your will to His will, you will not will what serves you in Love.

Stop fighting the illusion, because all you do is make it more real than ever before for you. You created this illusion, this world, and the life that you believe you are having. You believe your ego, and it has tricked you into believing that you and I are separated by our bodies, by time and by space. Until you realise that you and I are one, how can you realise that you and God are one too? Untill you surrender to what is, what is will force you to surrender – since what is, is your creation, and you have created it to serve your awakening.

You believe that your ego wants the best for you, that it protects you and keeps you from harm. You do not realise that the ego was created by you and it fear the real authentic you. It fears that you will one-day kill it and no longer love it. It has made you believe that it is real, and that you need to integrate it and love it because it is you. How can an illusion be you in reality? How can you love a traitor that deceives you and keeps you guilty until it eventually kills you or allows you to die? Why do you keep on insisting that you drag your illusionary egoic-master-mind into a reality where it cannot exist? Why do you keep suffering by holding onto your guilt, shame, anger and resentment when clearly it does not serve you in any way to do this?

Why not just surrender it all to God, and just say out loud; “Holy-Spirit, guide me now and show me the way home. I want to be Love, I want to see the truth, and I know that God’s will is that which will serve me in ways I cannot yet comprehend – in ways that will bring me home in oneness with all, so as one we can be in eternal heavenly bliss.”


Do you have any better suggestions?


Namaste beloved siblings


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