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March 4, 2012

Thank God for My “old” Religion


I was once a Catholic – yes we all have our crosses to bear. I was a rather fortunate catholic boy because I had a most magnificent mentor in our local Rustenburg Catholic Church priest – Father Foster, or my “Foster-Father” as I would call him every time I teased him. He was not only a good friend to me and the other altar-boys, but he was also someone who was open to my gifts of vision and “spiritual-sight”. He never doubted me, but he and the monks would often invite me for dinner at their monastery where they would spend hours asking me questions and then debating my messages as if they must have come from God Himself. I guess they are the “ones” to whom I will always be grateful, because they started my curious search of the truth of God. I never realised it at the time, but they too must have had hundreds of questions that the church could not answer, and I am glad that “visions” and angelic encounters are considered “OKAY” by most Catholics. They, after all commenced their religion back in 380 AD based on God, Jesus, Holy-Spirit Angels and Visions. Their foundation was based on spirituality, but unfortunately as soon as some “Italians” took it over as a means to an end, it became flawed.

Now had it not been for the conceptual constructs of religion, where would mankind be today, but grasping at new concepts such as; what are we, where do we come from, who created us, what is a soul, is there life after death, and if so what happens to us when we die? So I say thank God for religion, because human nature has within itself a desire to make known the unknown, and one of the ways in which we figure out what we are is through the experience of what we are not.

No questioning “Being” should ever believe anything without proof. Belief is nothing short of lunacy, unless it is grounded in proof and thank God for that! Any path that claims it’s the only path to God surely has not stepped back and looked that many paths lead back to the Kingdom (or Rome). Now here is my “In-your-face” point of view; if a concept/belief/religion is inaccurate or flawed from the onset, how can derivatives thereof be accurate? So if Roman Catholicism was based on “proof of truth”, but was also flawed by man’s thinking lower-egoic-mind from the onset, how can any of its subsequent branches be accurate since they are founded on the origins of the 1st path? Every subsequent branch of the original must therefore contain both truths and untruths then? Surely no apple tree bears bananas?

Try this experiment: take a glass and fill it with muddy water. Now take clean water and start pouring it into the glass containing dirty water. How many glasses of clean water do you need to pour into the glass with dirty water before the water is clear and free of dirt? At least a dozen or so at least – takes many lifetimes and at least 7 to correct the sins of the father according to the wonderful practice of ‘Family Constellation Healing’. So based on that premise, religion as we know today, regardless of what name they go by, is fundamentally partly-flawed because the origins from whens it comes is partly-flawed too! Point made me thinks?

Then again, something is flawed or perfect. No half-pregnant debates here Batman!


Having spent the better half of my 44 years on this planet, studying world religions has taught me one very important fact; any religion that claims IT is the only “Right-one”, is acting from a separatist thinking foundation, and therefore fundamentally flawed in its truth. Any religion that is prepared to attack and kill the followers of another religion is not only completely lost, but evil at its very core. Separation is the ORIGINAL ERROR of the “Fallen-Mind”; the “Original Sin” as told in the scriptures, and therefore anyone who perpetuates such a fundamental belief, is continuing the error and taking its followers further from the truth.  You can see my theory played out in nature – just put one rotten banana in a fruit basket as see what happens within a day or two – a basket filled with banana-infested rotten fruits! Yip, the truth is right in front of us and it’s everywhere to be witnessed!

So let’s look at the major religions of the world;

  1. Christianity (there are 25,000 sects of Christianity)
  2. Judaism
  3. Islam
  4. Taoism
  5. Buddhism
  6. Shintoism
  7. Confucianism
  8. Jainism
  9. Baha-i-Faith
  10. Hare Krishna faith
  11. Native American Spirituality
  12. Zoroastrianism
  13. The Cao Dai faith
  14. Cheondoism
  15. Spiritisim
  16. Gnosticism
  17. Tenrikyo faith
  18. Wicca
  19. Seicho-no-le faith
  20. Rastafarisim
  21. Unitarianism
  22. Neopaganisim
  23. Druidism
  24. And many more smaller ones including some nuttier than nuts*

*I have studied the theology of most the religions mentioned above, and for obvious reasons I am excluding the loony’s such as the Jehovah Witness, Scientologists, Black Witchcraft practitioners, the Satanists, Voodoo nutters and the hundreds of cults out there. Just not worth mentioning because everyone knows that these souls are way more lost than the common-garden-variety lost homo-sapien.

So let me state a fact; If we had been born in the Middle East, we would almost certainly hold Islam as a belief; in Portugal an Orthodox Christian/Catholic belief; in Greece a Greek Orthodox Christian belief, in Thailand or Tibet a Buddhist belief; in much of Europe and North America a secular Christian belief; in Korea a Cheondoism belief and in Deepest-darkest Africa you would worship the Spirits of your ancestors etc. I guess that its “Pure Chance” that you were born into the belief/religion you were born into isn’t it? And if it’s not chance then it’s because you chose it before you were born because it would therefore hold the fundamental challenges your incarnate Spirit being would experience.

The only way this argument doesn’t work is if you believe you have no “free willy” and God thus decide on who should have and who should not have based on some non-existent warped sense of “lets-have-some-fun-with-human-monkeys” point of humour which I think we can all agree would make God a rather sad mother-flurry, and I don’t believe God is anything but Love which allows free will to exist!


Now let’s ask some very important questions. Which of the abovementioned religions have…

  1. Never attacked other religions followers and tried to convert them to theirs?
  2. Never tried to convert anyone?
  3. Never tried to use their religion to substantiate a war on another country?
  4. Never retaliated on the attack and then continued retaliating forever?
  5. Never ever made someone feel bad because they have faith in something different to them?
  6. Never made women less than men?
  7. Never punished women for men’s indiscretions?
  8. Only allowed men to lead their religions?
  9. Ranked people within their religions based on the tone of their skin?
  10. Never used their religion to substantiate a country’s law that makes it a law that keeps people separated based on the colour of their skin?
  11. Never used their belief to sacrifice an animal, woman or child to appease their god or ancestral spirits?



Now let’s ask ourselves some more very-very important questions;

  1. Do we think GOD judges if God is indeed a God of unconditional love who loves all of Creation and every living thing in it?
  2. Can unconditional love and punishment exist as one?
  3. Do we really believe that God would create an earth and then create different nations just to choose one over the others?
  4. Do you think an unconditional loving God choses sides and even goes so far as to help one nation obliterate another?
  5. Do we really believe that God is as stupid, separatist, and as exclusionary as we are?
  6. Do we really think God created this mess?

Seriously how deranged do we think God is? Do we think God has a brain, and an ego to think this way? Seriously, who do we think is deluded; God or mankind?

 How mentally buggered-up do we think we are? Very buggered-up I think

I think mankind has lost the frogging plot! We have made God in our countless Images and it is the cause of all our woes and troubles. Because we think God “thinks” like us, we are doomed to a life of misery. “I think therefore I am,” said Descartes, and ever since we agreed on that damned statement, we have been lost in our minds!

Little do we realise that “the god of the CREATION” that created us and the mess we are in, is US! WE ARE the “god of the creation” that created this mess! Our “Creator” is the “Mind” and it is not worthy of the name God, until it realises that that which created IT, IS GOD, and until such time as it does, it will continue being the driving force of our nightmarish existence, on earth and the millions of other planets out there with living hominoids.

How many True Authentic “GOD’s” are there? Surely just ONE. How many Minds are there? – Surely just One too, except that this One Mind has itself believing that it is billions of little individualised mini-me-minds, because it is insane and has forgotten what it is! Just take a little-bit out of your brain and see how well you function then? Same shite is happening to the mind, it is losing parts of itself and it is becoming loonier by the day. Until the whole mind wakes up, it is doomed to remain partly asleep and very-very insane indeed!

And now that I have given you my point of view that looks like we have no hope of getting out of this hell, I want to share with you something beautiful…..

GOD the True Authentic Creator has not abandoned us no matter how lost we think we are. GOD cannot abandon us for in essence we are the ESSENCE OF GOD – we have just forgotten. The part within all of us which yearns to return to God is the essence of God within all of us. Our Soul which has never forgotten our Father cannot forget what we are, because we are part of OUR AUTHENTIC CREATOR. We are one of God’s Sons who is dreaming and that dream is the Mind. Authentic God cannot abandon His Son because His nature is to be Loving without conditions. God is helping the Mind awaken by awakening the individualised projection of the One Mind as billions of mini-me-minds. That is what I am teaching and that is what this blog is all about! Since the Mind has its origin in GOD, there remains a Spark of GOD’s light within its creation – the Universe and all in it.

Well, unless you believe that only old men, long-long ago were able and worth of remembering the Spark within thus enabling them to commune with God and pass on the messages, which later became the biblical scriptures. In that case, you shouldn’t be reading my blog!

Back to the Good-News…

All we have to do to return to a state of bliss within our God is choose. All we need do is ask for help since we have forgotten how to return to Oneness with God, and we have no idea which path to take back to the Kingdom. The path is nowhere to be found, because the path is Now-Here, within us all. Each path is uniquely your own and it is to be found in your Authentic Nature. Return to your nature and you will hear God’s Voice the Holy-Spirit speak to you as it guides you back home.

Be silent and know I AM GOD the Voice tells us all.

So every day I thank God for my old religion, because if it wasn’t so misinformed, messed-up, lost and nonsensical, I would still be asleep.

Have a lekker day bunnies – and Namaste – and by this I truly mean that the One and Only Authentic God in Me, Honours the One and Only Authentic God in You for we are ONE and soon everyone will remember regardless of what path they follow.



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