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March 21, 2012

The Problem with the Human Monkey

The problem with life is that no sooner have you solved one problem and another arises

Job security, debt issues, car problems, relationship challenges, fear of crime, compounding guilt, lack of self-worth; holy-sherbet, problems… they just never seem to end. Just like ole’ Hercules, you fight Hydra the sea monster, and just when you think you have beaten him after chopping off his ugly head, another two grow back and rises up from the troubled sea, to gobble you up!

How long must we suffer? How long will this carry on for? Will it ever end, or do we have to wait for our final breath before we finally succumb to peace? And then again, there is that problem of perhaps we will return, perhaps reincarnation is inevitable, and if not what assurances do we have that heaven and peace awaits us? After all, our religious faiths have been known to be wrong before, and something niggles even the most devout believer, regardless how we attempt to convince others that what we believe in is indeed true, and that salvation awaits us because we believe so-and-so died for us, and because we believe is this-and-that, we will be saved. Damn it dude, and we really hope that 72 vestal-virgins who hopefully can cook up a decent Portuguese meal are awaiting us in la-la land, after we have blown ourselves up in the name of Zeus the immortal pot-bellied dog (you can reverse the spelling of the last word).

Holy-J! There must be a better and more peaceful way of living? Dear God; Please help us miserable lost pharts…..

The Problem however has nothing to do with what I have just written about. The PROBLEM is that we have no idea of what the problem is. The problem is “The Separation”. We are seperated from our SOURCE, and because we cannot remember squat before we were born, we do not realise that we are the ones who created the problem of separtation, and now that we are lost in the darkness of fogetfulness, our problem has come back to haunt us in a variety of forms we call lifes challemges and problems.

There is hope though

But,…..Whoops….or is it oops…….

I’m not going to tell you

Because you don’t really want to know the answer

Or should I say

I don’t think you are ready for the truth

Because it will set you free

But only if you are prepared to do the work

I and seriously don’t believe you are, I mean – look at the hit counter….162000 hits….and only about 7 or 8 fellas come to class

Because everybody wants an answer to the meaning of life. The questions allways centre around wants, needs and desires. Everybody just wants more. More money, more satisfaction, more abuindance, more health, more stuff. If you have more then it becomes a matter of a better something or other. A better job, a better partner, a better lover, and better experiences. No one is ever happy. Well not until they start to question why, what and how.

Why are we here, why are we alive, why were we created? And….What are we, what is this experience, and what is the point, meaning and value in existence? Then ultimately one must ask; how was this started, and how will it end? How on earth did earth come about and how do we return to a state of blisfull and loving peace? Sureley there MUST be a way?

And yet the answers are right infront of our very noses. The answers have always been there… the questions that is. The answers are in the questions, because the answers are within the questioner. Isn’t that obivious? I mean where else are they going to be? In a book or from the guru? Surely they have answers because they were writen and discovered by a questioner too?

Surely then, if they found it and surely since they must be human too, then it must be within us all?

Unless of course you believe some were created more special, or better than others and therefore only a select few have the answers within…….and wouldn’t that be a foolish way to think indeed?

I can tell you the answer to the great HOW. The challenge of course is; DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? Well then ask! What are you waiting for. Ask the questions and listen to the silent voice that speaks from within..

All it requires is that you be silent for a while…..and listen

Namaste bunnies


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