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April 6, 2012


When I wrote the first edition of “A School Called Earth”, I did so because I had made a conscious decision to stand up and take a stance by speaking (and writing) the message that GOD shared with me through my Spirit Guide, an archangel called Uriall, who is a messenger or a Voice for the HOLY-SPIRIT. Now you may be wondering – why, who or how has God spoken to him? Perhaps you believe that God only speaks to “Enlightened Beings” or only spoke to the men of old that wrote the Bible. However, I would like to assure you that GOD talks to all of us and obviously, that includes me (and Neal Donald Walsch too I guess).

You may not be completely certain of how God speaks to us, but I would like to remind you that He does indeed, and when I explain how He does, you will realise that God has always spoken to you too. He speaks to you and one of the ways that He does that is through me, through my writings, and through the very blog you now read. GOD has been speaking to you through the HOLY-SPIRIT from the day you were created, but like me, you did not believe that it was the voice of God. Both you and I, like most people, were probably taught that you were not worthy of such a dialogue, and you were probably conditioned on how ‘not to listen’. You, however, have enquiring “spiritual” Minds and you want to know more than what you have been taught by your parents, by your community, your school and your religious leaders. What you have learnt is not enough. You want proof and so did I.

What you will read in many of my blogs consists of five years of hypnotherapy Spirit World regression research conducted by me on over 3,500 clients. Much of what they revealed confirmed that what I remember and what I can see of the Spirit World is, in fact, true. I wanted proof and seeing and remembering my experiences was not enough for my inquisitive Mind. I needed proof that it was not just my imagination, and, regardless of how many readings I had done or how accurate I was, I still wanted proof. Working as a Leadership Coach had taught me that if you wanted to convince someone of something, you had to show them the facts to prove that this “something” which you were suggesting, actually worked. When people see what you are proposing can benefit and add value to their lives, they will want to learn how to do it. If not, they never will. This is exactly what my regression case studies did. The point is that if you ask 3,500 deeply hypnotised people the same question (to which previously there was no answer) and each person then gives you exactly the same answer, regardless of the belief they hold, then how much more proof do I, or does anyone else for that matter, need, to show that what they are saying all stems from the same Source? 3,500 randomly volunteered people would surely not get together just to lie to me so that I could write a book and lie to the world? Surely not!

I asked many questions, questions that most of us have unanswered within our beings. Questions such as, what is God, what are we, why are we on earth and where do we go when we die, why did God create us, who was Jesus, was he crucified, did he really resurrect and did he ascend into heaven? I needed answers and I certainly received them clearly and in the most astoundingly simple way. The answers cleared up many of my fuzzy memories of my “Spiritual Memories” of what happens when we die, life in the Spirit World, many of my past life memories and things that I just knew, without having been taught them in this lifetime. Best of all, I received a very simple explanation as to why I am here and what my purpose should be.

Every client, who experienced a regression session, came to me as a volunteer, and each session was used as a healing experience for them. Every client gave me permission to ask them the questions I asked, and none of them was aware of the questions I was going to ask. Amazingly, many clients never remembered that they gave me the answers, yet they all remembered in total detail what they experienced in past lives, or what they experienced in their healing sessions.

Because many friends and clients who I counselled urged me to put my experiences and knowledge down on paper, “A School Called Earth” was born. I was completely new to “spirituality” and I had not read a single spiritual book when I wrote the first edition of “ASCE 1” back in 2004. Now I have read over 1300 “mystical” and religious books and my research continues. I have read several versions of the Bible, including earlier Latin versions too. I quickly realised that we were being conned, and I chose to write about it and correct the lies told. My second book “The Reawakening of Consciousness” shook up many of my own religious beliefs and provided many people with the answers to the origins of our species here on earth. Furthermore, it explained some of the “important for our times” teachings of Jesus, a Son of God (we are all sons and daughters of God), who became a Christ (meaning the personification of God’s love on earth). Regardless of what I shared with the world, I have my critics and no matter how much I love GOD, and love His magnificent Messengers like Jesus, many still call me a blasphemer. Well, so be it because I want you to know that I do not want to convert anyone and I do not run a church, a cult, or any organisation of any kind (although I do facilitate a weekly meditation class where I teach others how to meditate and pray). I share what I do with the world because I believe that there are many people who can benefit from the sharing of “My Truth” as I have been shown by the HOLY-SPIRIT. I have no hidden agenda. All I want for the world is that we become One Soul, and unconditionally love one another. I look forward to the day when there is no more separation, judgement, prejudice, hatred, war, famine and the destruction of our planet’s natural habitat. I can’t wait for all of us to “wake-up” and realise the Truth. Most of all I want all of us to wake up and realise what is the Truth and what is an Illusion.

So if this is the first time you visit my website, well then “Hello to you, my new friend,” and yes, I mean friend, because by reading my blogs/words you enter into my Spirit Being’s Mind (my non-ego Higher-Self Mind), so my once private thoughts become yours as you read them silently to yourself. These words in your Mind may possibly become your own thoughts, and so as you think about my words (which are not actually mine, but given to my Spirit Being by the HOLY-SPIRIT, which is the VOICE of GOD), interpret them the way it best suits you and your Spirit Being. Perhaps if you make them your own, your Spirit Being may become ‘AWAKENED’ (filled with unconditional love, truth, joy and knowing), and this AWAKENING is what will enable mankind to return to oneness with GOD our TRUE AUTHENTIC CREATOR.

Many of the truths that you will read about in my books and on these blog pages, you will already know or have read about. I assure you that at the time of writing ASCE 1, they were all new to me (besides what I remembered of the Spirit World and my past-lives). However, whilst updating the 2nd edition, and after having read many books on similar topics, I am glad to say that I am not the only one that has spoken of, or written about, the subject matter that you will read in ASCE 2 or on this website. I now understand that the “Ultimate Truth” originates only from the same “SOURCE” and that source is GOD/SOURCE/LOVE. Any other so-called “truth” cannot exist, since if God is true, anything that is not of God, must then be a lie (simple mathematics will collaborate this statement).

I am also glad to say that had I perhaps read books such as “Conversations with God,” by Neal Donald Walsch, or “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton and “The Disappearance of The Universe,” by Gary R Renard (who made understanding “A Course in Miracles” easy to understand), I would never have embarked upon a journey of writing. I never intended to write a single article, much less several books or a weekly blog. However, that said, I was pleased to note that when I read what these brilliant authors wrote about when writing about similar subjects I wrote about, it all concurred with my research. So as it is with all things factual; hindsight is an exact science and I feel blessed to be a writer of something so magnificent, something I love with my entire Being – books on the truth of what we are and why we are here, and most importantly; how to get off this planet forever.

So bless you for visiting my blog page. May you find the answers your heart desires, and may you be blessed with the revealing of the “Ultimate Truth” of GOD. May this lead you to a purpose-driven life, filled with love, joy and abundance in every aspect of the life that you are. Most of all, May You Wake Up and realise that God is still with you and that you are still in God!

A note on the conversations with my Archangel Uriall: The conversations with Uriall that I often write about here on this website and in my books, have not been recorded in any way. I have scribed them down as I remember them, so I apologise if not all the words used by my Archangel seem holy or “angelic” to you. You may perhaps expect or want Angels to speak in a “holy” manner. I am sure they will speak to you that way if that is what you expect. To me, they speak in a way I can relate. I am a rather irreverent chappie, and I wouldn’t expect Angels to be any other way. So I write down the conversations as I remember them. It is also important for you to know that when Spirit Guides, Angels or the HOLY-SPIRIT communicates with us, they do so in a language, or symbols or visions that we can interpret. They are never judgemental, and only my Lower-Egoic Mind may make such misinterpretations. I ask that you forgive me should you encounter any such misinterpretations. Also, I believe that had I been born with a high-fluted English upbringing, I am sure that Uriall’s English would have sounded less South African. Please try not to judge my interpretation, but rather use your own unconditionally loving heart to receive the important messages. I am not important and nor is my life and what I do or have done. My Spirit Being may be one of the Michaelilu but I, Luis, am still a human being, and therefore I have my errors. Each day, I improve as each day I become less judgemental, more loving and more peaceful.

Hopefully soon, I will go Pooooof, floaty feather silence!

And remember this: let the one who has never sinned and never erred, cast the first stone of criticism.

I love you because you and I are siblings. We have always been, and we will always be siblings.

If you have read A School Called Earth 1st edition…The fundamental difference between the 1st and the 2nd edition is that in the 1st edition, I did not ask the questions – who created the Spirit World? Who created the Earth? And, most importantly, why Spirit Beings were created. “A School Called Earth” made a whole lot of sense for thousands of readers, but there was still a fundamental underlying concern. Why was the world in such a mess? Why do human beings do such terrible things to one another? Why would God allow such atrocities to happen, and why did God create such terrible disasters, such as the tsunami that killed over 200,000 people? There surely had to be a better way that the Spirit Being could learn lessons. I, and many readers, felt that there was something ‘still something missing.” I had to find out, and I went back to the hypno-couch. After I asked some new regression subjects the three questions, I felt that “A School Called Earth” needed to be updated because when you read the answers, the whole picture comes together in this edition.

From my heart to yours


Please Note: I no longer do 1-on-1 consultations.

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