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April 25, 2012

Mindless Conversations with my Self

Dear Blog Reader

A whole bunch of letters have come my way in the last few weeks and they all have the following common questions regarding life’s challenges;

• Does a person follow their heart or their mind?
• Should a person put up with a lover/spouse who does not treat them the way that we would like to be treated?
• Should a person keep waiting for a lover who does not seem to be able to commit to us in the way they would like a committed relationship to be (regardless of the circumstance)?
• Should a person put up with abuse from another person especially if that person is a lover/spouse, since I (Luis) advocate forgiveness as one of the key functions of incarnated life as a process of awakening from the dream?
• If a person does something “bad” such as leaving a partner/spouse/lover they are dissatisfied with, do they create karmic retribution that they will have to experience later in this life or in the next?
And obviously there were many questions about what the future holds and whether or not the writer should change jobs/partner/city/lifestyle etc…

Dear Letter Writers

Let’s start this dialogue with a few questions…..

1. Where is the mind?
2. Where is the heart?
3. What is the mind?
4. What is the heart?

I guess it would be fair to say that most people I know believe that the mind is the logical part of the self, and that the heart is the emotional part of the self.

Some peeps believe that the mind is “bad” and that the heart is good, thus believing that emotion is good and logic is bad. Of course most “Spiritual bunnies” and feminine beings, fit into this category.

Then there are those (like many accountants and masculine beings) who believe that the heart is “bad” and that the logical mind is good, because emotions get us into trouble, and no one would prosper without good logic. Hell there is a bank that even made an advert about how good logic is and how dangerous emotions can be.

The truth however is that we cannot see what we call the mind and heart, and I’m sure that the organs called the brain and heart can feel absolutely no emotion and also have no logic about them at all.

One could also say that there is an animal out there that acts without thinking but I am not going below the belt in this dialogue and so Mr. Dick is left out of this discussion.

So then, what the hell are the” heart” and the “mind” and where the hell are they?

The answer is always in the question, and so I guess the answer is that they are both in hell!

Before I continue with this dialogue, I have to re-MIND you of something which I know because I have experienced it my-Self and therefore know it to be 100% TRUE indeed for that which I am – you of course are entitled to your own opinion. I don’t believe in anything I cannot experience as fact or truth. I know for a fact that in the absence of faith in something (a belief that is), it disappears into nothingness. For a belief to exist, faith (in the constructs of whatever that belief is), is required. No faith = No belief, and no belief = No experience or manifestation.

Ultimately I believe manifestation happens after thought, and “my” world is but a large screen of what is happening in the fractured part of the Mind I observe as Luis Miguel Falcao. What happens in your world is entirely up to you. I know for a fact that what I focus my attention and awareness on is what I experience. I have no one to blame for what happen to me except myself.

Also it is important that you know that I know for a fact that whatever you can see, touch and feel (both emotionally and logically) is an illusion and therefore an untruth, meaning that in my reality, it does not exist. You can argue these points as much as you like, and I still will not believe you. I only teach what I can experience and therefore demonstrate in my knowingness. Any argument no matter how much you may believe in their validity, remain completely meaningless and without reality to my “Self” – the Observer of the little mind/self called Luis.

Okay, now that I have that out of the way I shall continue with my inner dialogue which apparently is being typed out as I think about what I know to be true, and therefore, since we are all ONE Self, I am sharing it with the fractured parts of myself so that “my-observed-Self” can reunite as One and reawaken in my Creator’s Kingdom.

So again for the record…

I now know that what I see as the world is in fact nothing but a canvas onto which my thoughts are projected. On this canvas I see a world filled with fractures of myself, and they play a variety of roles called “other” people, on a variety of stages that seem to be roles and responsibilities. These fractured parts of my Self seem to wear different outfits, drive different vehicles, live in different homes and experience a multitude of different relationships. The actors as I call them all seem to be separated by their skins, and they all seem to be going about their own agendas. The ones I come into contact with all seem to have different challenges, and yet the ones who bring their challenges into my awareness have one thing in common regardless of the stage they seem to be experiencing these challenges on – their challenges are all exactly the same at their root cause!

So, the questions that are brought into my awareness, are questions that bring to light the very same challenges I am having – keeping in mind that the root cause is that we believe we are separated from our Source – this is really the only challenge the Self has! The fractured selves believe they are separated which they cannot be because they cannot be separated from their Source.

So before we continue, let’s answer these questions first….

1. Describe your ideal life – not what you think you will get but what you would like to have if you could have anything your heart desires
2. Who are you leaving behind and who are you going to?
3. What would make you happy?

Now write three lists

1. What gives you the greatest joy – name 10 things
2. The pros and cons of going away or leaving someone
3. The pros & cons of staying with someone even if you are unhappy with the relationship

Before you continue you need to remember that;
• Ultimately your life is about awakening or remembering what you are
• Karma exists only as long as you choose it, except for your formative years where you choose your parents and the situations that will set up your remembrance experiences.
• You can’t serve others unless you serve your-self first
• You can’t give what you don’t have
• To get what you want you have to give it to others
• You can’t say you don’t have a life just because you are not enjoying it – if you didn’t have life you wouldn’t exist.
• Life is Life – you can’t change it, but you can change your thoughts about it
• God’s will is first and foremost that you should be happy, which obviously is your inheritance which you will experience when you return to God.
• Your will is easily manifested – just apply the law of attraction – but if you look at your past you will notice that your will is what got you into the unhappy and unfulfilled situation you are in.
• Yes the law of attraction actually works, but what is the ‘god” or “idol” you worship?
• Your “WILL” will never make you permanently happy – if you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s time you wake up to the TRUTH!
• Waking up (from your dream of separation) will make you permanently happy – until then you live in a dream where you desperately seek to fulfil your emptiness with stuff that you acquire by applying the law of attraction.
• Realising that this is a dream will make you happier in the interim
• Living out what is in your nature, and therefore what is your passion which is your purpose, will start the cycle of happiness until you wake up because you cannot awaken whilst you suffer….and this will awaken you because when you are awakened to joy, you will want to stay awake in eternity…

Very importantly you need to know that;
• Karma is bullpoo…’s just another myth of the egoic mind
• Karma means retribution which inevitably means suffering
• We know that God only wants us to be happy
• Happiness and sin cannot co-exist
• Sin means retribution or penance of some sort to pay for the sin which means suffering
• Suffering and happiness cannot coexist
• Since only what God wants which is what God IS, exists in TRUTH
• What God is, is Love, Joy, Abundance, and obviously this is what makes God happy – well I call it happy, but God IS – therefore God is neither happy or unhappy but PURE BLISSFUL JOY
• So suffering therefore is unreal, and therefore only exists in your thoughts
• Change your thoughts from suffering to thoughts of happiness

To do this all you need do is surrender your will so that God’s will be done, since His will is that you be happy. By now you should obviously know that since all “Your will” has done is create suffering (even though you may have wanted your will to make you happy).

So the obvious choice then (it’s still your choice to make) is to give up your will to God and know that His will for you is that you will happiness for yourself by knowing that through His will you will be happy

Hope this helps



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