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June 2, 2012

A Quest-I-On or Two

Hi Luis

I bought your book, a school called earth, 3-ish weeks ago, read intro, then maid put in somewhere and I can’t find it! I bought another copy today for a friend. I read half of it tonight – great book!

Lu: Thanks

Forgive me if this mail rambles a bit but I have so many questions at the moment. I understand if you don’t have time to answer all my questions, and am willing to pay for your time if need be.

Lu: Pay me with food!

A childhood friend and I shared a mutual gay friend who committed suicide recently. My friend saw a mystic medium called Sue (sure you know her) last week as she wanted to communicate with him. My friend relayed her consult with Sue to me and all the info felt strangely normal to me. I want to know more! (Your book has helped greatly!)

Lu: God works in mysterious ways indeed!

For starters, I would like to make contact with my guide. What is best way to do this? Or am I being too western about this!

Lu: Your Guide speaks through your inner voice – be silent and listen – Ultimately your Guide is You without ego-mind. Sometimes other people are your Guides and Angels or demons…..

I was diagnose with breast cancer at the young age of 35 which I felt activated something in me (Lu: due to a lack of self-love and self-acknowledgement). I am about to reopen my homeopathic practice but before I do, I am faced with a question of: why do I want to help others?

Lu:It is in your nature because you learn about yourself by helping others

Why do we as humans need to help others? – Just cos God said so or cos we advance by helping others?

Lu: There are no others – we are all characters in a dream, being dreamt by one Mind. God says nothing, and never will – God does not speak, but God’s Voice the Holy Spirit speaks through those who are willing to let the ego mind chatter be quiet long enough to listen to their inner voice

I am straight out of Caroline Myss school – is she too catholic about things?

Lu: Well I guess that we all have our crosses to bear……smoking helps, and whiskey also….but in the end atonement is the only answer…

Should we be more playful with this life?

Lu: Yip, if you ask then the answer is always YIP!

I booked to see Sue next week – I have a LONG list of questions for her, my guide, etc. I am wondering whether you could help answer some of them – but only if you have the time.

Lu: I never have what does not exist, so no, I don’t have time…..however, You should always ask your inner Guide…any other is pointless, and remember the ego always speaks first and your Guide which is you without the ego-mind speaks only in silence – words are but symbols twice removed, so all speaking is pointless…..but in the meanwhile while you learn to be silent, keep asking Sue…..boy she is a hottie!

Below is the list – if the info is the book, please say ‘book’ next to Q and I will refer to book for answer:

Who is my spirit guide? I would like to start communicating with them.

Lu: Why? You won’t get any answers or direction – that’s the whole point of incarnating – to figure it out – look at your past and don’t make the same mistakes and then each lesson will be new with countless opportunities, until such a time as you wake up and realise that this is all a dream

Who is/are my angel/s?

Lu: The Michaelilu group…all called Michael or Michaelilu (or Lu for short), but then again since there is only one, ultimately you are the Angel too

What is my purpose this lifetime?

Lu: To figure out your nature, and therein lies your purpose, – and ultimately your function is to wake up from this dream and return to God as one with all.

What happened in previous lifetimes?

Lu: Same sh*t, different background….but it’s always the same sh*t and same characters and ultimately we are only one. Why focus on the past when NOW is all there is? Why would it help me to know this? It won’t, …..but a very good question and so now you can move on….

Why must we help each other on earth? Is is just cos God says so?

Lu: Mmmm, already have the answer – right?

When I pray, who should I pray to – my guide, angels, God?

Lu: None of the above: define prayer as communion and then you can commune with everything – God is not aware of us in individual form, but only aware of ITS Sonship which is asleep – you could say that the son of God is asleep and believes that all the characters in the dream (mankind) are real – they are not!

How seriously should we take this life time?

Lu: Very seriously because the world is going to end……sorry, couldn’t resist that one. The answer is NEVER – wake up and then you will realise that I’m right…..

Should we be more playful?

Lu: Yip, Yip, Yip…..Yipeeeee…..

Where am I on my spiritual evolutionary path/ladder?

Lu: Nowhere…..which is now here exactly where you are…..asking great questions…..and now you need to know that there is only one path – wake up and know this is a dream! P.S. There is a ladder?

What is the stage of my soul?

Lu: On no stage….unless you believe in stages….which is why the world is but a stage, and a stage in the evolution of awakening…….but the fact that you ask makes me want to say baby soul, but then because I am teasing you it is not true!

What are my talents? Spiritual talents like intuition, psychic, etc?

Lu: Asking long questions….and lots of them…. all of the above, but only as long as they serve you – everyone has the same gifts, and no one is more special than any other person…..just some are awake, awakening or fast asleep.

Should we just love and forgive everyone?

Lu: Dhu…….and why not? Not forgiving makes you sick, and there is nothing to forgive if it is just a silly dream where the Holy Son of God had a dream where in one tiny moment He forgot to laugh at His silly notion that He could be separated from His Creator…

Does guilt and wanting to forgive everyone block my seeing my guide?

Lu: Absolutely because fear is blinded by TRUTH!

What must I do in my work?

Lu: Have fun

What must I do with my practice direction?

Lu: Direct it South…..Move to the sea, and buy a log home


Lu: Then I will visit you – if you cook well!

Am I following my purpose?

Lu: Yes, you are asking purposeful questions and that’s the whole point of this incarnation

Does God care about whether or not a I charge money to help people?

Lu: God has no idea what money is – PS I make a shit load of money but only because I feel no guilt whatsoever!

What is my higher self?

Lu: A taller version of yourself……..oops, there I go again….must take these questions seriously…..The answer is: You with no ego = The Christ in you

If this is correct way of asking?

Lu: All ways are correct as long as you keep asking only yourself – stay away from psychics!!!

What are my archetypes?

Lu: How many do you want?…..mostly I think you are a woman……stay away from mental constructs that try and define what does not exist except in the illusionary dream – You are a Holy daughter of God, having a dream where you forgot that you created this Universe, and then chose to forget so that it seems as all the crappy stuff that happens is someone else’s fault. We must all own up to the fact that our mind created this, and now it’s time to awaken and return to our Source.

How much do they matter? (Based on Caroline Myss’s work on archetypes)

Lu: Don’t ever believe anything that anyone called Caroline says!

Who are my kid’s guides?

Lu: You are, until they stop listening and you stop being so nosey!

Can I even ask?

No, that’s why you asked if you can ask, you already knew the answer and now I have to ask why you want to control everyone?

For laughs: how NB is diet??

Lu: Must love dogs, Jacky-D on ice, 20 smokes a day, and hot woman who cooks and never complain has always worked for me….pick your own 😉

What if I don’t eat organic and healthy food?

Lu: Then you go to hell, but at least you go fat, or happy or both unless you have a great metabolism, but then again you will be having so much fun, you will get lost on the way there and probably find heaven instead!

What does God think about killing animals for food?

Lu: God never kills animals, except his angels smite some Arabs every now and again….but then again, never believe what you read or anything any psychic or old Jewish fella writes….but more importantly…there is nothing to kill since it is all a dream, and now I’m dreaming of a big fat Nando’s Burger!

Should we be vegan/vegetarian?

Lu: Yip, but only if you can’t hear the plants screaming in pain every time you bite on their private parts!

What can I do to make this life easier for me??

Lu: Money, fast cars, a rich playboy, no politicians, the end of SARS….

How can I grow the most in this life?

Lu: Eat pizza, give up gym….and enjoy it!

Should I meditate? How long for each day?

Lu; No, there is a world to save and so if you have to meditate 5 minutes is enough – I always have a smoke while I wait for Nirvana…but then again all Indian ladies are always late….

Is this best way to talk to my guide?

Lu: Yes….if you listen closely in silence…..but No, because mostly they never talk back and so it’s better to talk to people with voices, but only if they are wise, at least 44, an author, Portuguese and live in SA with two dogs and 8 girlfriends (motorcycles who never complain because you rode another one before you ride them)

What about beggars on side of road – we have a couple who are alcoholics on our corner.

Lu: Then stop talking to them and please stop giving them booze and try not run them over.

They are v neat, have all their stuff in suitcases etc but get completely drunk all the time.

Lu: Hey, please greet next time you drive past me and buy some of the stuff in my suitcase….

I feel everything from guilt to compassion to hate to anger to love to…..

Lu: Yip, shit happens, and illusions seem real when you believe in them…. and now get over it and wakey-wakey…

Is everything in the bible true?

Lu: Yes, of course….starts with Adam falling asleep, and nowhere does it say he wakes up – so everything in the Bible is true as far as the dream is concerned…..but is still a dream….so none of it is true except the Jesus did like wine!

What do you think about Caroline Myss’s work?

Lu: Her work is very neat, well typed and very, very contractual to the point that it like everything else is sacred until none of it matters!

Is Sylvia Browne legit?

Lu: No, she is an illegal alien pretending to be an American psychic auntie…..

When is right to tell kids about this stuff?

Lu: When they leave home! Until then make them fear God as a way of getting them to do dishes!

Do my kids have any special spiritual talents?

Lu: Yes, patience to have you as a parent…..(told you I’m having fun……okay wait a minute, need to light a cig….okay let’s go on…;-0

Will I work with Dr N.G?

Lu: Is he/she fun?

Will I bring his work to Sa?

Lu: Only if it’s fun, then yes, please do!

Shoo, as I said, a lot of questions that I can’t ask anyone I know as they don’t have the answers!

Lu: Okay, now you owe me an apple tart or a tart with an apple

Have fun


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