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July 11, 2012

I Imagine Possibilities

“Act now as the person you want to be tomorrow.” What you want to be tomorrow already exists within you, stored within your imagination, the keeper of a limitless possibilities of the best you, that you could possibly imagine. Your Imagination is your greatest Guide. Yet to imagine what possibilities may be, requires great courage, determination and awareness. Not only will you then revel in the fantastic new possibilities, but you will feel the spark of hope, calling you to fulfilment”.

Daily we hope and pray that the decisions we made yesterday, serve us best in the creation of our dreams. But how can it not? Dreams from an inspired imagination are dreams sent by the Divine Mind of our Creator. We need to remind ourselves continuously that no matter how overwhelmed we can be by the occurrences in our world, we can also draw inspiration and hope from Her and our siblings that share Her with us. Through the acceptance of what is, and in Gratitude for all we have, we find moments of bliss. Then when we look upon natures beauty, we are reminded how magnificent life can be indeed. So as we return to nature, we find our own Divinity, the nature of our magnificent Spirit that observes silently within our inspired Temple. As we awaken that which is our Consciousness, we engage none other than the voice of the Divine, for what is Consciousness, but the Divine in the Spirit and hearts of mankind. What am I but what I have imagined? What am I but all That I Am…a Divine Inspiration in the Mind of God unfolding into what I am to be, forever…

“Father”…..Thy will be done

Blessings My Beloved Siblings


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