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August 22, 2012

Delusions & Other Non-Sense!

How many people wish their lives were different? How many wish they were someone else? Yesterday I met someone who said they wish they were me. They told me they wish they could see the way I did. If humans only knew that we all have the same problem, and no matter what the vessel we travel through our earthly experience looks like, or what apparently magical family we stem from, or how wonderful our careers may seem, the challenges we all face are one and the same. It all stems from one error, and that is that we have all felt empty since the separation. We all struggle with issues of self-worth until we are complete – this may sound obvious, but it isn’t unless you know what “complete” means. Each one of us knows that something is missing and that something is what creates a sense of lack in all of us and drives us to look for wholeness through the acquisition of people, places, things and events. Those that seem to have it all (money, fame, great family, popularity, great jobs etc.) also have a lack. Rich people are lonely too and the beautiful struggle eventually and often far worse because time is cruel to fading illusionary constructs of clustered energy we call our bodies. Then there are those who suffer from anger, hatred, resentment, and bitterness – people who struggle to forgive others no matter how long ago the seemingly painful occurrence happened. Yet if they only understood that the hatred, resentment or anger they carry, are mental illusions which provide them with temporal fulfilment that they hope will fill their seeming emptiness. Ask yourself this if you are someone struggling with forgiveness; “Can you harm someone you don’t like by swallowing poison?” No, well then how do you plan to harm the one you harbour anger, hatred or resentment against when you are the only one who suffers? Forgiveness sets you free, because when you have nothing to forgive, the occurrence no longer seems to be in your mind or heart and thus it disappears just like the past does. In reality the only way to forgive is to forget, and to forget is to forgive. When you forgive someone, you are then really giving-for yourself. But then again what would most people talk about if the past did not exist in their minds? Have you noticed that 99% of the conversations you have all revolve around the past? We can’t even have a social braai without bringing up the past, not realising that the continuous talk about the illusionary past is what keeps us tied to it, thereby ensuring that the future remains a reoccurrence of the past, which then of course ensures that in the future, you will continue talking about the past – Dear God, the ego mind is our Satan indeed! Yip, I’m rambling, but I had to ramble because by rambling I blog, and perhaps now I may ramble and blog more often. I may just be delusional, but then again, who isn’t? Blessings bunnies Lu

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