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October 20, 2012

Directions Needed

I read a quote by Ernest Holmes today and this started me contemplating again as I often do at 4am. Ernie said that; “No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation!”

And so I thought…..mmm…..those preachers are onto something here, and then I had another of those instances I believe are truly holy inspired…

God is a direction or an idea that you strengthen when you share it with others. This direction/idea is but an inner calling built into the mind/soul for it cannot totally forget its Source. Some of us have named the subconscious memory of our Source “God”, and we “try to return to the full remembrance of our Source by reinforcing our belief in what we think our Source is. The more we share this direction/idea with others, and the more others share in the belief of our direction/idea, the more we convince ourselves that we are on the right path or that our conceptual idea about what we are and what our Source is, is thus solidified as our misguided or factual “truth”.

However since only “ONE TRUTH” can be true, the easiest way to figure out whether your direction or idea is indeed true is to witness your life as you experience your direction/idea of your “truth” in physicality. If your life is filled with strife, hurt, suffering, conflict and pain, then clearly your direction/idea is faulty. If however your life is filled with present moments of continued bliss, joy, love and peace, then you will realise that not only is your direction/idea correct, but that you are already where you thought you wanted to go. Nowhere but Now Here in the presence of Love which is exactly what Source IS and since you cannot be unlike that which created you, you will realise that you are exactly like the Source which created you.

And so I am reminded….

True forgiveness brings you remembrance of truth. When you forgive someone truly, you forget whatever it was that hurt you and this causes you to forget the mental construct that you held in “The Mind” which was represented by the person you forgave. It is also important to know that you think it is your mind that holds thoughts, but there is only One Mind in which all thoughts are held. When you forgive truly you will re-member and once again become part of the membership of consciousness of “The Mind” that contains the truth of what you truly are. And what you truly are is Formless Energy (God, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace) expressing as form sharing Energy with all the aspects of Yourself which you have dismembered and presently in your sleeping state believe are separated from you.

True forgiveness brings about a state total forgetfulness of everything you seemingly made outside your Creative True-Self. When you truly forgive what you have made and thus experienced as people, places, things and events, you forget them and they will no longer appear before you to be experienced in any form again. If however you don’t forgive, you will find it impossible to use one relationship (with people, places, things and events) at the expense of another and not suffer (guilt, pain, loss etc.). Since it is impossible to condemn a part of anything (relationships especially) and find peace, love and joy with it, you have to experience everything in totality or you will not be true to the experience. Without total faith in everything, you will never experience total truth in anything.

And so be it….thank you Ernie….and know for a fact that this time round, I will not be back!

Blessings Beloved Siblings…


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