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October 22, 2012

A Temporal Escape from Life Imprisoned in Hell?

It’s 1:11 am and I have just awoken from a dream I had where I dreamt I was dreaming of being a life-prisoner in a maximum security prison. In my dreams dream I was asked by the prison warden whether I would like to have a temporal escape from my life imprisoned in the hell I was dreaming about. In the dream I was having I witnessed myself awaking from my prison-dream and answered; “Not for me Mr. Prisoner… exit yes, but a temporal one, no, not ever again! This time I awaken to an eternity of Love”

If you realised you are serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison for a crime you can’t remember even if your life depended on it, would you spend your time in such a place creating obstacles that will keep you here or would you rather spend your time working out a way to escape from this fiery misery? Would you mourn, grieve or feel sad if your also-imprisoned partner, lover, friend, siblings or family member received a temporal pardon from such a hellish place? Or would you really try and find a way to be released from this prison and never to return here ever again. Wouldn’t you at least like to know the facts of why you have been imprisoned in such a dreadful (most of the time) place so that you never-ever err again and so never have to return?

Seriously; ask yourself….

Would you build a nice house there? Would you look for love there? Would you want to drive a nice car there? Would you want to own a business or be the CEO of a large business there? Would you create debt there that took all your attention from a possible escape? Seriously, ask yourself if you were in hell and you knew for a fact that you knew you were, would you really pretend everything is okay, even though you know that one day you will seemingly die regardless what you believe in, or who you believe in, knowing full well that once you seemingly die you will return again and have to start all over again wearing nappies?

The crazy fact about this situation is that since you clearly have no memory of arriving at this temporal destination (or what the purpose of being here is), you spend most of your life looking for love which you hope will be given from outside yourself in the form you desire most. You buy into all sorts of crazy beliefs with no proof at all, and once you do, those very beliefs become the chains that bind you to the bar-less prison house whilst you see out your time before you inevitable death. Fact is that in this prison everyone seems to die and the most that one can hope for is that it’s a peaceful death and not at painful or traumatic experience at the hand of some delusional inmate.

Right – perhaps I have you attention now!

Have you figured out where you are yet? Is your life really so magical that you have never wondered why the hell you are here? Have you not contemplated for at least one second that you have been lied to, and that there is no hell except for the one that you are in?

Think about this…..

The best prison in the Universe is one where the prisoners believe they are free to exercise their free will, and that as long as they are good (whatever that may mean to them), they will one day die, and once they do, their spirit will go to heaven and never have to return (another lie). The easiest way to keep the majority of the prisoners under your control-spell is to make them believe that they are in a paradise made just-for-them and that there is a horrid prison they will be sent to if they behave badly before they die. You also have to make them believe that regardless of whether they will be sent to a heavenly or hellish place once their sentence is complete is that they first have to die before they can go there. This way you can control the majority of inmates who will inevitably fear that dreaded day because they will seek out all sorts of way to ensure that when the day finally comes, they will be one of the lucky ones who will go to this so called heaven or hell. Luckily for Mr. Prisoner, 99.999% of the inmates know NOT what or where the heavenly or hellish place is, so most have no choice but to comply with whatever belief you have sold them! Belief in your lie then becomes the basis on which they pin their hopes, never ever truly knowing the Truth of what this is or why they are here in the first place. Worst of all is that very few inmates ever truly want to know the truth because they again have bought into another one of your lies that has them believing that questioning your lies is a sure way to go straight to hell!

Then since Mr. Prisoner is a devious little bugger, he has ensured that your suffering is interspersed with short periods of what you have bought into as a sorry excuse for love, joy and peace, thereby ensuring that you spend the suffering periods in the hope that the illusionary love, joy and peace will one day return. You then spend at least on hour a week (mostly on a Sabbath) attending the institution that promises you all the joy and abundance you hope for, yet never really seem to hold onto – well at least not continuously. Of course not everyone will go to the holy institution, so there is always sport, weekend activities outdoors or TV that make the hell seem almost bearable! Hell some even become famous and rich for their extramural activities and soon the diversions suck you in like honey to a hungry worker bee!

And by now a voice is screaming inside you, and either you can’t wait to die, or you are dying to figure out the “Truth” as I am starting to figure it out….

So I’ll tell you a little lie you have heard before. God created Adam, and inevitably he became lonely. Then God put Adam into a deep sleep and while Adam dreamt…….he dreamt that God took one of his ribs and the first of many spareribs was created and God called her Eve.

Ya-well-no-fine….we have all heard the story!

What you haven’t realised yet is that nowhere does it say that Adam woke up!


Yip, you are in Adam’s hellish hell my beloved sibling and we the One collective Mind have created this. We like Adam are the “Fallen Angel” and we but fell asleep and are dreaming a hellish dream. We have become so caught up in this dream that we cannot remember having created it and worst of all we have no idea how we can wake up! There is only One of us, who over the period of the dream fractured “Ourself” into the billions of tiny aspects/selves which we have now come to believe are the billions of souls (some within human bodies) in the Universe. Yet the distant memory of our “Truth” still resides within us and as some of our aspects chose to find a way to the full remembrance of what we are, we discovered many directions to full remembrance. Some of us call this direction or distant memory God.

Think about it this way; when you dream at night your dreams seem as real as your awakened state, and so what’s to say you are not dreaming right now no matter how real it seems? Much of mankind believes that God created this world we live in, and that it is impossible for anything else to have created it.

However, ask yourself this question. Would a God of love be able to create anything unlike Himself? Would a God of love be able to give birth to beings that could become evil? If that were possible then there would have to be evil in that which created the being who turned evil. Is it at all possible that you could be wrong to believe in evil at all? Is it however possible that a Son of God fell asleep and had a dream in which He tried to create like His Creator and accidentally made an error? Is it at all possible that God would never create a world where beings have to die so that others can eat them and live? Is it at all possible that a Creator of Love would never create anything or anyplace where the beings he created would have to suffer, fear, experience pain and sorrow, before they die? Is it at all possible that you have been lied to, and because a part of you which still contains the Truth has made you seek out the truth and now you are here reading the Truth as written by a part of you that remembers? Is this not a whole lot more plausible than to believe that this crazy world was made for you and that God created you only so that you would be tested so that He could evaluate the worthiness of His own creation?

Perhaps beloved…..perhaps I’m right on the button and now you know….

I know I am on the right path…..

And perhaps, now you do too.

Be well

Namaste, BLu

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