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December 6, 2012

You make my pepi go….a boing, boing, boing…

A victorious friend wrote the following quote by Osho on her facebook profile. Man is sexual for twenty-four hours, twelve months a year, year in and year out. Something is bound to be there. Why has so much sex energy been given to man? It cannot be only for generative reasons because animals are doing perfectly well. If man were only seasonally sexual, things in a way, would have been better: once a year for a month, and for eleven months you are free. You can do a thousand and one things and not be worried about it. One month in a year would be enough. But why has man been given so much sex energy? It cannot be only to generate children. This great treasure has been given for some other reason: it carries a hidden possibility for becoming tremendously alert and aware. This energy has to become Love, and this Love has to become prayer, and this prayer has to become ecstasy. The generative part is very minor as far as man is concerned.
Something of greater value is hiding in it. God cannot give you something without incorporating a particular reason.

And since I was pondering on why it is that most humans are in desperate need of another to feel whole, I responded as follows….

Every action we take stems from our emotions which stems from its source. That source is either an awakened Mind, or an asleep mind. The asleep mind sees only the cause of the source from which it stems. The awakened Mind sees the Cause in everything. So with sexual desire, the source is the sleeping mind which seeks wholeness through its action (sexual desire that seeks sexual experience to feel whole). When experienced through the awakened Mind, desire no longer exists since the Source is whole and needs nothing (desire is a need). In such a state love is given through action, and then sharing love is experienced by form (man) in the act know as making love. This is not needed 24-7-365, but expressed as an act of sharing what we are with other parts of the Self, seen on earth as others. As Plato said; “Man is but a fractured being, desperately seeking wholeness by gathering the fractured parts of our Self which we see in others, and through the experience of what we are not, we eventually discover what we are and have always been.”

And I guess some would say it’s probably easier said than done….

I mean who really want to be alone forever? After all everybody seems to have someone special right? Yip and therein lies the ego’s final frontier to your awakening. The ego wants you to believe that you will only be happy when you find love….in other words find the perfect partner who loves you and all your seeming errors and sticky bits. In reality however, nothing could be further from the truth!

You are whole, you are Love, and you are complete. Sexual desire or the desire for anything else (people, places, things and events) is nothing more than your acceptance of the ego lie that has convinced you that you need something to make you whole. The need continues to grow within your mind as your belief in the lie solidifies and becomes your desires. The desire for wholeness leads to the belief that you need love from others, and you try and accomplish this by trying to exert power over others. The desire for power leads to a desire of possessions, which since you cannot have anything without someone seeming to give it up, eventually leads to war, anger, resentment and eventually hatred.
What is this hatred then but the illusion that you hate the very self which created the desire in you? And this is how the lower egoic mind has triumphed over man for thousands…heck billions of years!

So what the hell then?

Love thyself, love thy neighbour as thyself.

To love yourself you need to know what you are. You are a Divine Being, but perhaps like Adam you fell asleep and dreamt that your cruel creator removed something from you and created something or someone outside yourself that you now desire to have returned to you. And just like Adam, you are still asleep, dreaming a nightmarish dream that something outside you will make yourself feel whole again. This has lead you to desire others, and you express this desire by desiring sex, possessions, fame, power and recognition (to name but a few). Yet all you really need you already have, yet have only forgotten. You are that which you seek, but unless you learn to love that which you are, you will not remember that you are everything you desire.

To love yourself you have to forgive yourself for all the indiscretions you think you have committed and learn that there is nothing but truth, love and joy in you. You are indeed perfect, and you are the Divine creation of the Divine Creator. You are whole and complete, and all you need do is NOTHING but accept that you are as you always have been and will eternally BE. So if you sense that what I have written may in just one teeny-weeny way be true, but at the same time you find this difficult to accept no matter how much you would like too, then try the following; Ask, for when you ask, it shall be given.

I did by simply saying; “Holy Spirit, guide me now”

Try it, what more can you possibly loose that you haven’t lost already?

Blessings and love to you all

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