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March 10, 2013

Lost in Illusions?

Lost in the illusion?

Hello BLu

I am writing to you because I am in search of answers. I finish reading your book “A School Called Earth” and currently reading “The Reawakening of Consciousness”. In your first book you write “We plan everything in absolute detail and our destiny is written in our Hall of Records long before we incarnate.” Yet in your second book you write “The future is constantly changing. It changes every time you make a decision. Can you please explain further. Thank you.


Hello A

At any given moment we have many possible roads with many possible outcomes.

The road we take leads to an inevitable outcome, but ultimately they all lead to awakening = the full remembrance of what we are and why WE created the Universe as we see it. God has no part in the Creation as we understand it. (I highly recommend reading the Book; Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard – it addresses a fundamental principle that I missed when I wrote the books 10 years ago)

The world we see merely reflects the world of our inner thoughts so there is no wrong or right road but a peaceful or nightmarish experience based on the thoughts we have

We cannot change the world in what seems to be an instant, but the world we see will change as our thoughts about it (and mostly ourselves) change.

We have all been lead to believe that God created the Universe, our Planet and us for a purpose and that we are “here” for some “higher Purpose” which many of us search. We never find it, even though some paths do make us feel better, yet inevitably these “better feelings” we have while temporarily following such paths makes us seem as if we finally have the answer!

In reality we are already Complete. In reality we lack nothing. In reality we are still IN GOD and have never left.

However in the Dream we are having, we somehow have forgotten where we TRULY ARE and what we TRULY ARE. In our dream of illusion, we have forgotten and have dreamt up an illusion so great that we believe it to be real. We have given our illusion the sense of reality and this is why it does seem “real” and we can even go so far as to believe we can prove it. Obviously the illusion has its own laws and one of them is that we can prove the illusion to be real using illusionary concepts, theories and scientific explanations. We are in essence trapped by our own making and we cannot find a way out on our own.

Some of us then go so far as to make up belief systems of what God is and why He created us and why we were put on this earth. We stand firm by these beliefs by reinforcing them with dogma found in antiquity and scripts that were supposedly written by those whom God spoke to. Anyone who challenges these beliefs is immediately ostracised and because we are creatures that require union, we then do not dare challenge main stream beliefs in the fear that we get lynched by crazy mobs of righteous fools! Aloneness is indeed a most fearful experience after all!

There is only One Truth and it will not be found anywhere but within you. That may sound like a great mystical cop-out answer to all challenges but I ask you to bear with me for a moment longer.

What has any human in all time ever done that is beneficial for all humans equally?

Absolutely nothing!

In the world of illusions someone always loses out for someone else to gain. This is the proof that the world we live in is indeed an illusion because if God is Love, then no suffering of any kind would exist. If God is Love and God is Truth then Love is Truth. So if Love is True, then all else is false and therefor this world of vengeance, sorrow, pain, suffering etc., cannot be real because if Love is all there is, then All is Love and if all is love it cannot be interspersed with periods of suffering – ever!

This is indeed a dream and to awaken from the dream we first have to know we are dreaming.

Time to wake up!



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