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June 16, 2013

The Power & the Glory

Dear Sir

You are a CEO at a large corporate company yet you seem at peace. From my understanding, such a position has great power over others.

My question is this; How can you use your power and influence to change the negative behaviour of your employees and ensure that you company achieves its desired results – yet remain present in the spiritual awareness that you seem to have?

Kind Regards


Hello Roger

Those in power have a moral obligation to themselves, to help those with less achieve their infinite potential which will benefit the greater good of all.
Yet, we know that Power is nothing without control. And we also know that power is an illusion experienced only in space and time. However, True power is owned by all, accessed once each individual taps into the unseen power that flows throughout the Universe.

This power can only be fully utilised for creation activities once we understand what this power is. This Power is can be called “Truth” but one requires Awareness to be able to Understand Truth. In reality only Truth is true, and perception will only allow partial understanding of it. By seeking the understanding of the Truth within us, we start to understand the Truth of all.
This leads to acts by those you have influenced which benefit all, and when many act in the same way, the world changes and becomes a better place for all since the power is equally available for all.

The Law of Correspondence teaches us that your outer life tends to be a mirror image of your inner life. Everywhere you look, there you are – reflected by those around you in action & behaviour towards themselves, others and you. So wherever you go there you are. No matter what the external situation, your inner world goes with you. Your thoughts are the same no matter where you are. Therefore nowhere is essentially Now Here, and everywhere is Now Here too.

Everywhere you look, you see yourself reflected back. You do not see the world as it is, but as you are inside. If you want to change what is going on in the world around you, in your relationships, business results, and rewards, you have to change what is going on in the world inside you. Like it or not, this is the only part of your life over which you have complete control.

No one who hears this for the first time likes this reality, but a reality it will remain until your awareness of what is real, and what is unreal makes itself known to you. Until then your life will remain a journey of discovering this. The sages of old call this Self Awareness and all Great Leaders know this intrinsically.

Now you can put what you have always known within to practice in your business, career, and adventures, which is essentially an expression of what you are. Thus your workplace (and the relationships with others) becomes a canvas which reflects the level of Self Awareness you have achieved as you take responsibility for everything that happens to you and those around you as a consequence of the state of your inner world. Now this is a harsh reality, but in my experience, I tell you that it is true and since I experience this every day, I believe I have now proved it to be a fact!

Understanding why people behave in the way that they do, will enable you to motivate them to behave in a manner that will enable them to achieve their goals, which should reflect your organisational goals too. You always have to remain authentic to your truth, but sometimes manipulating others inorder to help them is something that is necessary regardless of the temporal bitter taste it leaves in your mouth.

To understand how people behave, we have to first understand how we behave. This means that through understanding ourselves, we develop Self Awareness. Awareness of your emotions, personality, what you enjoy and dislike, what motivates you, and what comes naturally (and easy), or poses challenges to you is a key precursor to developing an effective management ability. Simply put; if you can’t understand and manage yourself, you will not be able to manage anyone and if you cannot manage people, power is absolutely pointless. To achieve success in the corporate world, you have to surround yourself with empowered winners. Without winners you will lose because no man is an island, especially in the corporate world of illusions

To regurgitate an old lecture I once gave about winners now comes to mind..

Winners intrinsically know that…
Your colleagues, partners and managers are a part of YOU, not the enemy – your customers are not interested in your internal problems – they want results and not excuses.
Great service starts internally – start by giving each internal division the best service you can – soon it becomes the way you operate, and soon service becomes what you are.
Everyone sells similar goods to everyone else out there; unless you Differentiate you will Die! = Sell “YOU” as a part of the solution, not products; this is your true power.
You are Unique, and when you add your own genius to the solution, the product and service you sell is naturally unique too.

• Power comes from Knowledge and knowledge comes from knowing the most valued needs and buying motives of your employees and customers.
• Knowing the most valued needs of your employees and customers comes from truly caring about them, and not just saying so.
• Caring about your employees and customers comes from knowing that they are an integral part of your path to achieving your Mission and your success (Your Vision).
• Being successful comes from being the best at what you do – always and all the time – every time.
• Success can only come from people since no business exists without people!
• Happiness comes from within, not from outside you – people, places and events only makes you temporarily happy.
• You are as Responsible for and Accountable to your employees & customers happiness as they are to yours.
• When you are happy with who you are, you become passionate, persistent, tenacious in your efforts to achieve your targets since it is your Mission to succeed at whatever you desire.
• Being successful comes from being the best at what you do – always and all the time – every time – So be the best you and do this all the time.
• Then “Being Authentic” is what you become known for because you have Integrity..
• You become consistent in your commitment and the consequences are beneficial to you as you benefit your organisation. (The 3 C’s of Success)
• Everything you do, in your personal and business life involves people, so make adding value to people’s lives your priority and all else will fall into place.
• To build great relationships in life and business you have to add value to people’s lives, business and careers.
• This applies to employees, customers and your colleagues.
• To build quality relationships it requires that you understand them.
• To understand them you have to listen to them, what they want and what they perceive as value.
• Once you understand their needs you have the power to positively affect the relationship – for a lifetime.
• But power ultimately does not come from knowledge alone, but from applying wisdom to action in a proper, timely and appropriate manner – to the right people at the right place for the right reasons.
• Then you achieve great relationships that are built on adding value based on customers’ buying motives and intrinsic needs which in turn allows them to add value to their customers.
• You now create a wheel of life scenario and this is perpetual motion which provides you with a sustainable competitive advantage – what all great people & business are made of.
• Let’s imagine that we are our businesses having a Human Experience and not a Human having a business experience – when our customers experience this, they will experience what makes us amazingly unique.
• Let’s Become Authentic in everything we do. Not just what we make and/or sell, but how we do it is what differentiates us from our competitors and why customers do business with us, and why you will continually want to work at our companies here and do business with our customers.

Now the challenge is simply this – Let’s just Do It!

• To do it the Authentic Winners way, we have to work in with all people & departments, who individually have their own challenges, fears and tasks to achieve. So perhaps it is time we put the “old separatist & judgemental ways” behind us and embrace life’s only constant….

Change, Progress, Adaptability and Continual Evolutionary Improvement

So ultimately as a wrap up. Power is misunderstood and misused by few over millions. When just a few start to show others how this power is available for all, the world we live in will become a heaven on earth.

Until then, we will keep dying until we get it right 😉


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