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July 1, 2013

Love Is Freedom & Freedom Is Love

I have received many e-mails asking me why I don’t blog as much as I used too…

Its quiet a simple explanation…because I am writing a new book and I don’t write as much as I used to because I have somewhat stopped observing from a distance looking for the ideal way of living and have chosen to rather participate in each moment savouring the experience for what it is. All great writers are those who have had incredible experiences which once contemplated upon have become great discoveries of truth that lay silently asleep within us until such moments as experience brought them out from within as points of truth once reflected as words. Like old photos they remind us of the beauty of what Is once previously experienced in the then Now.

All the pictures we take will eventually all become old photographs someday. So right now these stories I am experiencing in the Now, are reminders of the truths I am yet to discover in my future Now’s as I will look back upon them and make light of their hidden truths – just like old photographs do. I am here and I am looking at the multitude of my sleeping selves in our journey towards our pivotal centre, and I know that right now as I look upon mySelves, I love them all because their uniqueness makes them all so beautiful regardless of whether they are aware of their grace or not.

And although many seem to be sad stories, I know that in truth the light in me also shines as the beauty that flows through all of them, lighting the way to the eventual realisation that behind every dark cloud, there is indeed an enlightened silver lining. I am reminded that we are all alive in what seems to be time. We are life unfolding the truth of our seemingly gone but not forgotten reality, and so I remember in this moment as I awaken to the truth; we are, and have always been infinite.

And so yesterday I’m in a coffee shop again and the waitress asks me two very serious questions…..

“Why do people end up in bad or hurtful & empty relationships?” – and so along came this blog…

I answered….”Because We accept the love we think we deserve and our relationships serve an important purpose in our return to the remembrance of the love that we are, experienced on the physical plane as the love we experience.”

The hurtful relationship therefore serves a very important purpose. That purpose is to make you realise that you deserve better – you deserve complete love – unconditional love that sees you as 100% perfect and worthy of love – a love that sets you free.

Ask yourself…What’s the purpose of your relationship (or company or ad/venture) – if you don’t have a higher purpose? Once the physiological attraction of people, places, things and events become habitual or vague or forgotten or it seems to change without mutual alignment or the temporal purpose is reached the relationship fades/comes to pass and becomes a server of nothing but hurt, pain, regret or an object of your focused hatred and vengeance – which is no better that pain in any other situation.

Why then do we keep doing the same stupid things over and over? We repeat the same illusionary patterns every day because we never truly see that what we are doing is repeating exactly the same experience – it seems to be a different experience each time because the stage seems to change – the background seems to be filled with different people, places, things and events and thus it tricks our mind into believing that it is different – yet the experience is the same.

We look at the world and we seem to see the same things over and over – the same places and the same people and events leading up to finally reach rock bottom – and only when we eventually have had enough, we are forced to get up and change the scene. Unfortunately we are then fooled once again because even though the scene/place may seem to change, the events and experiences don’t.

This requires us to look inward to find a way out and discover real love – true freedom. This allows us to look around at things with a keener awareness – to look deeply at the people and then we notice that none of them are really truly free – free from debt, anxiety, stress, loneliness, fear. No one we see is truly free, not truly. We all seem to have a built in fear of failure, fear of not being worthy or good enough, free of betrayal or hurt or a vengeful heart – and as we look deeper we notice that everyone has the same problems as we believe we have and everyone believes that they are alone with these fears and that everyone else out there does not.

But now we start to realise that all of US have the same problems and it takes courage to let them go since these problems only exist because we allow them to take away our freedom and we have willing become bound to them because we ultimately receive the love that we believe we deserve.

So let me now ask you one important question; if you were born knowing that the illusion of love, prestige, self-esteem, power and happiness are bought only at the cost of your own freedom, would you still want what you think you have always wanted? Would you still have bought all those things you have that you bought because you thought they would make you happy and eventually free? Would you still have pursued all the countless meaningless relationships, jobs, qualifications and overseas holidays that have brought you nothing but pain as you stand and observe yourself in this state?

Or is it now time that you perhaps give everything you have away and start on a new path where all you do is what is naturally your passion and the only possessions you own are those that you need for the simple basic survival of your-seemingly-Phyical-self, and then spend the rest of your days in the pursuit of remembering why it is that you came to be in this desperate state in the first place – now that you know that you have received only what you have believed you deserved.

Isn’t it time that you realise that You are what You deserve and now that you do, isn’t it time that you give yourself the love that you know you and everyone equally deserves too?

I believe that is indeed what God would want for you – and more importantly nothing more and absolutely nothing less.

Isn’t it time – or should I say that isn’t it belief in time that indeed started this madness in the first place?

Indeed….in deed it is…..

But not in Being….of that I am now certain

Blessings, BLu

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