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March 9, 2014

How the hell did I get here?

Hi Luis, can you help me?

Today is January 13th 2014, I have just finished reading your book “A school called earth”. I read the NDW trilogy before reading your book. Everything I read in your book resonates with me, I am a true believer in your opinions and thoughts on the Creator and our afterlife. My challenge at the moment is one that seems to have lasted a life time, but in reality it’s been ongoing for almost 5 years.

I was in corporate most of my working career, and always moved around, as I always got bored quickly and always felt something was missing. Much like my personal life, unfortunately I have been unemployed since April 2009. I tried a few things on my own when I left corporate, but they never seemed to work out for me. The last year and a half I have been trying to get back into corporate, but I can’t seem to crack it, all the doors seem to close in my face. I am ashamed to say that I even lied on my CV to make myself more marketable, but nothing has worked.

I landed up selling all my assets to keep myself afloat since 2009, and eventually moved back to Cape Town to stay with my folks in February 2012. As a 42 year old single male, I feel I have lost the plot in life. I pretty much feel useless, I feel worthless, and its killing me to have to live off my parents, who barely have enough to look after themselves. After having what I would call success in a career, which allowed me to work in middle and senior management positions in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. For these opportunities I feel have been blessed in many ways, especially after growing up where most of my peers felt I would amount to nothing.

At the moment I feel I don’t belong in corporate, but it’s all I know, and now I’m truly penny less, have low self esteem from all the job application rejections, no loving partner, and no clue what I want to do with my life and I am struggling to find answers. I don’t know which way to turn. I must have applied for almost a hundred jobs over the last year and a half. I know I want more out of life, I know I want to be more spiritual, I also know I want to have money, and if it’s meant to be get, get married and raise kids. I am looking for answers and guidance and I don’t know where to turn to. I am hoping that this mail will find you.

I pray that you will receive this mail and my spiritual guides lead this message to you, and I pray that you would be able to provide me with some advice, insight, or guidance from your “source”. I am desperate, and I don’t know where else to turn, to get answers and direction, I wish I could communicate with my guides and guardian angels. Can you help me Luis, I need some answers?

Take Care

Hello Sean

Thank you for the courage of writing your challenges and the willingness to look for the wisdom that will take you where you are meant to be.

I believe you have arrived at a most holy point in your life – the point when you asked an incredibly wise and important question of yourself. This is a point of true inner transformation and for most people this point arrives after perceived failure. However, you have not failed if you learn from it.

Most people are afraid of change and the ego has a brilliant tool to ensure that we fear change. The paradox of this situation is that the tool that the ego uses is FEAR, since thoughts can never leave their source! Know this; until the pain of a person’s current drama is greater than the perceived fear of their unknown future, most remain immobile, stagnant and stuck in their present misery. To move out of such a terrible state of mind, one has to first change your mind. The choice is simply to choose to change. What you want however is simply up to you. Whatever you desire, you can have since what you imagine comes from you. So if it comes from you it means that you already own it, and if you already own it then it is already yours, just waiting for you to know that you do. Once you believe that you deserve what you already own, and express gratitude for what you have, the law of attraction makes manifest in the perceived holograph which we know as the world of physicality. (The law of attraction is simply the Holy Spirt at work giving you what you will to be given)

Before I continue with providing you with some guidance I want to tell you something important to remember before embarking on any adventure; Don’t ever live your life trying proving something to your peers because once you have achieved your goal of proving them wrong, then there is nothing more to challenge you to reaching your Divine potential – watch the ego, it loves goals and running out of them too.

You have reached a point in your life where you realised that nothing means anything and everything in the world is absolutely pointless. Know this; there is no purpose and there is no meaning to life and whatever you have been taught is simply someone’s perception of what it should be. Many so-called “spiritual” people who move away from dogmatic belief systems (religion) reach this point in their journey of self-realisation. The problem however is what to do next. The ego is a wise old fox and obviously has a plan regardless of whether you are religious, spiritual or neither. The objective of the ego is simply to rule your sense of self-esteem which then affects your sense of self-worth – thus keeping you trapped in the world of illusions. The ego either rules you by making you believe you are a hero or a helpless victim. The end result is exactly the same; you never figure out who or what you truthfully are, and so you never ever figure out why you are here! Know this; you are exactly how God created you and what God creates is perfect, unchangeable and eternally perfect. You simply have forgotten this, but now you are returning to the remembrance that Truth never changes and regardless of the egos plot, the Truth in you will call you back to full remembrance – just one tiny smidgen of light changes even the darkest corner of a lie.

You like many a spiritual voyager have fallen into one of the egos best deceptions; that to be spiritual and free, you have to give up the world, corporate life, material possessions, or whatever you possess in order to be free. The ego uses “spirituality” in the same manner as it uses religion. It wants you to believe in sacrifice, knowing full well that when you believe you sacrifice something, someone else gains while you lose out. Jesus – a man who became the embodiment of Christ on earth taught us this very important lesson; I seek mercy (forgiveness) not sacrifice. We are not asked to sacrifice anything. We are simply asked to learn to forgive whatever has bound us to pain and suffering. Through forgiveness we are set free. Through forgiveness the clouds of judgement that prevent us from remembering the Truth which waits silently within us, are dissolved and we achieve a state of awakened Mind which then enables us to see heaven on earth.

The world we seem to live in is but a dream. This dream is a dream that denies our truth and our physicality is but a symbol of our resistance to the Truth. Since we are in a dream world, there is no point of chasing people, places things and events. However, since it is a dream there is also no point of sacrificing anything either! We are not meant to be in a state of mental and emotional poverty – and physical or worldly poverty is but an outer reflection of an inner state of mind. We are meant to be in a state of joyous, peaceful abundance. We are in heaven and have never left. We simply are dreaming we have.

There is nothing to gain by giving up the world if you do so through sacrifice. To achieve spiritual freedom and achieve what we all desire, you simply have to surrender to the Divine will – both yours and Gods will are exactly the same. This means that you do not give up anything, you simply give up trying to decide what is best for you and open up your heart and allow God to give you everything – and God knows exactly what will make you happy, even if what will make you happy is a seemingly temporal dream of earthly joy. Eventually you will realise that nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists and therein lies the peace of God – simply experienced and expressed in this world as an abundant and joyous Mind, which may or may not be reflected as earthly wealth. The important truth of the matter is that matter does not matter, what does matter is that you know that you matter to God.

The world of corporate life is in realty but a path which allows you to see your state of mind. Experience it as a joyous adventure and know that you are in a mental state of joy. Experience it as vicious, knifing, treacherous and a continuous battlefield of political back-stabbing and know that this but reflects of mental vision of yourself. Business as a path to self-realisation is in truth no different to a life lived as a monk with zero possessions. What you do does not define your truth. What you do simply defines how you see yourself. You could become a monk who sold his Ferrari, or a monk who bought a Ferrari. Since a Ferrari is but a dream, it simply reflects what you believe is abundance. If giving up all seemingly physical possessions makes you happy and sets you truly free – do just that. But if owning whatever you desire makes you feel joyous then do that instead. Always remember, people, places, things and events are all equally illusionary. Desiring them or denying them is but the egos way of focusing you on idols. Either your idols seem to have or not have. The only thing you should give up is the notion that you should give up!  Everything you deserve is a thought away. Choose instead to have everything whilst choosing nothing. Give up your idols and God will give you everything which will be way-way more than you have ever dreamt of. Simply know that you are meant to be filled with joy, love and inner peace. Leave the HOW you will experience this up to the One who knows what is best for you.

Follow your nature, for in your nature you will find your passion. In your passion is your unique gift to all, and the world needs your unique gifts so heaven can be seen right here and now. When everyone offers their unique gift to all in love, we will atone as One and awaken to the full realisation that we have never left the blissful and peaceful unconditional state of Heaven. We have never left God; It is simply not possible –  we have but simply had a silly little dream where we imagined that we could.

And now I will share with you a little idea that has helped me achieve a state of inner peace;

Joyous, peace will flow through people who;

  1. Follow their nature which reveals their Divine purpose,
  2. Spend alone time with the God in quiet meditation, contemplation and Prayer,
  3. Spend time on healthy activities,
  4. Spend time enhancing their knowledge,
  5. Spend time sharing their wisdom,
  6. Spend time with family and friends,
  7. Spend time at work,
  8. Spend time doing charitable work,
  9. Spend time in the service of all for the greater good of all,
  10. And spend time doing the things that I love because they love to play

For people to be Happy, Abundant & Successful, they could therefore consider taking the following approach;

  1. Take full responsibility to what happens to themselves,
  2. They realise that the outer world is but a reflection of their state of mind,
  3. Thus they live for the greater good of all knowing that when the mind of mankind matches the Mind of God, earth will be like heaven,
  4. They know that they are part of a Divine plan, and their role is to reflect the joy of Creation in life,
  5. They Passionately Pursue what’s in their Nature
  6. They can Clearly Imagine their Visions shown to them when they still their minds through meditation, contemplation and prayer (Not asking for anything but in gratitude for what we have),
  7. They Authentically Desire to achieve their Visions and celebrate small successes along the way,
  8. They Truthfully Know they can achieve their Visions and then…..
  9. In total faith Enthusiastically Act upon their visions with no fear of failure,
  10. And with this mind-set they Let go of all expectations and let the Divine Holy Spirit flow through them and show them the way whilst they embrace  life’s only constants……..Change, Progress, Adaptability and Continual Evolutionary improvement for the greater good of all.

I also know that;

  • Transformation first takes place within me before I see it in others and the world I live in.
  • I therefore consciously choose to lead, not because of my leadership title, but because leadership is a choice I have made as a service to my fellow man – which how I serve the Divine and thus my-True-Self,
  • Leadership requires accountability which I demonstrate as an honourable and moral obligation in the service of the greater good of all – and I do so with Love.
  • I thus realise that I first serve my family, the people I work with, the company I work for, the community I live in, the country I live in and the world as a collective whole and therefore in this service I know I also serve my-True-Self as I play my part set in the Divine plan of God in our return to full remembrance of what we are.
  • I therefore seek first to understand myself, then others before I seek to be understood when I share my vision of a better world for all of us.
  • However, I don’t try and change the world outside myself or control the actions of others, but first seek to change my inner world, which is the world in my mind.
  • I then act as the change I want to see and experience thus demonstrating the true power and control of my mind achievable only when I align my will with the Will of the Divine that flows constantly through all. 
  • I thus fully realise that the world I seem to see and experience is a reflection of my inner world and so I take the actions of others as a reflection of my own thoughts and actions – if the world appears negative, then I know I must be, and if the world appears happy & content, then I know that I am happy & content too. This is true power & control of my mind. This is my gift to all of God’s creation.

I trust that this will shine a light in your heart and point a clear path for you to follow until you are ready to follow your own unique Divine plan created by the One who knows you best.

Blessings of love and peace to you all,



P.S. Oh and Sean – I work in a corporate world, and I am loving every minute I seem to be there. If I can, then I know you can too.

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