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March 11, 2014

Sorcerer or Source Error?

Note before reading any further; For the sake of drawing your attention to the “Namless” Truth, I have used the symbol (~) to replace the word “God” and thus remind you that anything that can be named is no longer the Truth. Then as you read my blog and reach the symbol (~), I ask that you pause for a second and exhale.

There are many who believe that Satan exists. There are many who believe that evil exists. I know for a fact that they are wrong! In fact through simple reasoning I can and will now prove it.

We have all heard that scientists have proven that darkness is unreal, and purely the absence of light. My validation of Truth follows the same logic. Period!

If (~) is all there is, then evil or satan are but errors in the conceptual belief that something opposed to (~) exists. If (~) is Love then Love is (~) and since there is no opposite to Love, nothing but Love is real. Therefore everything that is not Love must be untrue and at best an illusion. This illusion at its most convincing depth is but a dream that there is an opposite of what is real. Yet it remains only a dream, regardless of how nightmarish real it may seem.

Satan is but the ego and the ego is but a temporal construct of erroneous thoughts that have come to a point where through a continuous amassment of nonsensical filtered beliefs, have come to the seeming self-realisation that they appear to have a mind of their own. The dream has thus become a nightmare that believes its own erroneous constructs and now fears its own demise. The dream believes itself is real and is now ensuring that its dreamer remains trapped in a coma forever, for it knows that if the dreamer awakens, the dream will end. Know this; no one remains asleep forever – everyone eventually awakens…..

Many people believe that you can become a host to (~). However the truth is that it is impossible to have a (~) which is somewhere out there enter into you. (~) is not inside you. You are inside (~). Christ is not within you, you are within Christ. The Holy~Spirit can’t flow through you, you are the flow of the Holy~Spirit. You may think only a select few choose (~)/Christ/ Holy~Spirit, but you are again mistaken. (~) chooses everyone because everyone is a part of that which (~) is. If everything is (~), then nothing can be apart from everything that is (~). It can however temporarily forget the truth, simply because free will is the will of (~) and since everything has free will, everything has the ability to choose to forget and fall asleep and dream of the absence of (~).

This is the new realisation that has entered into the dream, and there is nothing the dream can do to prevent this realisation from spreading to every dark corner of the dream, until such time as the dreamer awakens to the realisation that it was all but an error. The dreamer seemed to be but a Sorcerer who made one silly little mistake that seemed to take lifetimes to forget.

To be continued……

Because it’s once again time for me to go to sleep…..

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