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November 23, 2014

Miracle Mindset


I often get asked…..

—  “How can you be a ACIM Teacher for God and still be a CEO of  large multinational company?”

—  “How do you do it and yet you seem to be at peace?”

—  “Can you stay present?” “Do you still meditate & pray?”

—  “How do you not get caught up in the dramas?”

—  “Is it really possible?” “How do you make time for ACIM?”

—  “Should you not give up the corporate life, move to a monastery and be a full-time teacher?”


The Answer is simple, the application not so easy unless you are willing to align to God’s Will….Since only truth is True….and truth is simple…And since I know that I need do nothing, except surrender my will to the Will of God.  I have come to realise that in Truth there is no corporate world, no retreat, no monastery, no “One Right” way and that every path we take guided by the H~S leads us straight back to God…

I am also consciously aware that there is a wave of awakening happening in the world of dreams…And although we all really need and want it, not everyone is ready for a quantum shift into the teachings of ACIM, And so I know teachers are required to teach the Truth at the various levels of conscious awareness…So… one of the areas where the Teacher for God is needed most is in one of the darkest places in the mind dream – a place called the corporate world….It just takes one to do it, and soon all can do it too!

Although everyone in the world wishes it was like heaven…They are not yet ready to give up their idols…Unless someone can demonstrate that there is no sacrifice when you give up idollusions (the investment in beliefs) and then You actually gain the world as a state of heaven..

But this requires that leaders show the way…and introduce a Miracle Mindset in the world of business! This is my role as a Teacher for God….for now…showing me that;

  • As my employees, colleagues and ACIM students realise that they need give up nothing, their willingness to learn the truth increases……(they become happy learners)
  • As they learn by observing my actions, their faith grows, and as they then apply what they have learnt, they start to believe, and soon they too become teachers in their own way…
  • And one by one we grow in numbers and cut down the time of the world of illusions…
  • And as One we speed towards the Atonement


Knowledge is Power AND All power is of God 

What A Miracle Mindset in Action means to me…

  1. I Take full responsibility to what happens to me,
  2. I realise that the outer world is but a reflection of my state of mind,
  3. I thus choose to live for the greater good of all knowing that when the mind of mankind reaches out to the Mind of God, earth will be like heaven,
  4. I know that  I am a part of a Divine plan, and my role  as a Teacher for God is to reflect the joyous peace of Christ, as I offer my Voice for The Voice For God
  5. I choose to Passionately Pursue my NatureThis reveals my  function in the Atonement
  6. I am shown the H~S Vision for me and all when I still my mind,
  7. I Authentically Desire to achieve the Visions shown me by the H~S and I take time to celebrate small successes along the way,
  8. I Truthfully Know I will achieve the Visions  shown me, and then…..
  9. In total faith Enthusiastically Act upon the H~S Visions with no fear of failure,
  10. And with this mindset I Let go of all expectations and let the H~S flow through me and show me the way whilst  embracing  life’s only constants……..the appearance of change which is but the undoing of the ego mind as we remember we are all Sons of God.


When I Experience a Miracle Mindset I know that;

  1. Transformation  towards a Miracle Mindset first takes place within me before I see it in others and the world I live in.
  2. I therefore consciously choose to lead, not because of my leadership title, but because leadership is a choice I have made as a service to my fellow man – which how I serve God, Christ & the H~S.
  3. Leadership requires accountability which I demonstrate as a loving,  honourable and moral obligation in the service of the greater good of all – Gods Plan of Atonement.
  4. I thus realise that I first serve my family, the people I work with, the company I work for, the community I live in, the country I live in and the world as a collective whole and therefore in this service I know I also serve mySelf as I play my part set in the Divine Atonement Plan of God in our return to full remembrance of what we are.
  5. I  therefore seek first to understand mySelf, then others before I seek to be understood when I share my vision of a better world for all of us – Heaven on Earth
  6. However, I don’t try and change the world outside myself or control the actions of others, but first seek to change my inner world, which is the world in my mind.
  7. I  then act as the change I want to see and experience thus demonstrating the true power and control of my Mind achievable only when I align my will with the Will of God, experienced as the H~S which flows constantly through all. 
  8. I thus fully realise that the world I seem to see and experience is a reflection of my inner world and so I take the actions of others as a reflection of my own thoughts and actions – if  the world appears negative, then I know I must be, and if the world appears happy & content, then I know that I am happy & content too. This is true power & control over my ego-mind by the  Christ-Mind – myself in control by mySelf.


In Love and Gratitude for All in Christ





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