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ACIM & Meditation

The Littlefalls “A Course In Miracles” Group

We meet once a month in Littlefalls, Johannesburg. 

To join sms Lu-ji on 082 801 0789 – All welcome. Please phon to book.

No Cost but donations welcome.

Join Lu-ji every Wednesday evening at 6pm CAT for a ACIM Group Talk on Zoom

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study curriculum that aims to assist its readers in achieving spiritual transformation. The book describes a non-dualistic philosophy of forgiveness and includes what are meant to be practical lessons and applications for the practice of forgiveness in one’s daily life. The introduction to the book contains the following summary,

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

No author is listed for the book, but Helen Schucman wrote it with the help of William Thetford, based on what she called an “inner voice” which she identified as Jesus. The 1992 edition, is published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. It consists of preface, text, workbook for students, manual for teachers (including clarification of terms), and two supplements. More than four million volumes of ACIM have been published and disseminated worldwide since it first became available for sale in 1976. Additionally, the book has been translated into nineteen different languages with eight new translations underway. It has been translated into Afrikaans by Henri Theron (

In South Africa there are various ACIM groups that meet on a regular basis. To find a study group near you go to

I believe every Teacher of God follows the voice of the Holy Spirit who communicates to his/her heart and each one has a valuable message of Christ for the world. My group based in Sandton follows the teaching of the Course in Miracles and each student works at the pace that suits them.


Lu & David Hofmeister at Heathrow airport London

Our group meets every Thursday evening where we do a course teaching followed by a Guided Meditation. Meditations are not planned and I am guided by the Holy Spirit who provides spiritual counselling, guidance and healing for all participants. You are welcome to join us whenever you feel the calling within. I have nothing to sell and the last thing I want to do is change you or your beliefs. Only you can change your mind and only the Mind can change the world from hell to a heavenly place. I follow the teachings of Christ and my wish is for a world based on joy, love, truth and unity. This is why I choose to serve mankind, since this is how I serve our AT-ONE-MENT with God.

I have been blessed with meeting many wonderful teachers from around the world and am in contact with them as often as I need direction and guidance to ensure that we stay on the right track in interpreting our lessons. Communion with each other enables Christ to speak to us through the Voice for God; the Holy~Spirit. We welcome all to join who feel they would like to develop their relationship with God through the teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles.


12 Modern-day Jesus Disciples at the 20th Miracle Network Conference, November 2014

Please feel free to join and follow the Miracle Network group on facebook

In 2012 we were blessed to have Greta Jonker visit us here in South Africa with blessed teachings of the Truth of Christ. As our numbers grow and our inner light transforms through the Love of Christ, our remembrance awareness returns the Joy of God to the world. The time of the Great Reawakening is now.

God did not create this mess – We did, so it’s time to let the Holy Spirit help us re-turn it to the Heaven it was meant to be.

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